Swimmers! Whats your workout routine/hack my back (pic)

Commented on September 06, 2013
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Anyone here use to swim competitively? I'm interested in the body composition of ex swimmers. Is swimming the best cardio that works for you? What percent body fat do you have?

I'm interested because I swam and played water polo competitively from the ages of 10~18. Workouts were sessions of 2 hours straight of swimming in a fashion much like chronic cardio. A few days a week it be double practice in one day. No weight training. SAD diet. Horrible leaky gut. But I was the leanest I had ever been.

I recently ealised that all my past swimming friends have like...really flabbed out and kinda got fat. We all used to have lean bodies but to my horror it seems like nearly all my friends including me who stopped swimming regularly have become doughy as heck.

Now I'm21 and havent exercised like that since. Ive been eating clean for awhile now to keep my leaky gut under control. I've been lifting weights but aside from getting a nice butt I've been wary of training my upper body since I guess my arms have turned to fat (see pic;also thats a fake tat haha) and gaining muscle just makes my arms Look even fatter. Like it looks like my back is trying to eat my upper arm...

Anyways im starting think that the only way i can lose fat is if i return to chronic swimming since I'm scated that running is going to make me lose my ass. I mean, swimers arent really known for having huge??butts. My current measurements are 36-29-38. I have a bootydo which means my tummy sticks out further than my booty do! :( will returning to chronic swimming help me banish bootydo and keep my back from eating the rest of my arm? alt text



on September 06, 2013
at 06:58 PM

She looks finished to me... By the way, where was this photo taken? That place looks pretty amazing as well.


on September 06, 2013
at 01:31 PM

Be proud of what you have, it is a solid base to start with.

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on September 06, 2013
at 01:36 PM

As per many of the other recommendations, doing some HIIT and sprinting once or twice per week will help shed the fat without you loosing your butt. As to the arms, just keep the reps high and your muscles will tone but not grow much if any. Hormones and stimulus together cause muscle growth. Limit one and you an control it. You also didn't mention your eating, but if you are storing fat disproportionately in your stomach, cut back on the carbs some. I am not advocating going very low carb, but insulin resistance usually starts in the abdomen.


on September 06, 2013
at 01:24 PM

I suggest to not avoid strength training your arms...as long as you do some cardio and eat well, the fat will disappear and muscles will add definition and make you better at other exercises (like swimming obviously :).

I used to competitively swim for hours too, but now I do a lot more variety (dryland) and high intensity training which is very effective for losing weight. I still swim but make it only 20 min and do sprints (50 yards) and 100 IMs. I swim 2-3 times a week...it just feels really good, is easy on the joints, and is a great full body workout.



on September 06, 2013
at 01:21 PM

Personally, I think you look pretty thin in that picture.

I guess my arms have turned to fat (see pic;also thats a fake tat haha) and gaining muscle just makes my arms Look even fatter.

What you are probably experiencing is,

  1. Your arms were very toned, now you have a layer of fat around your arms
  2. When you lift, your muscles swell (it's how you build muscle) which makes the fat on top of the muscles push out.

So you need to lift (to build muscle), and loose fat (to make the muscles look toned).

Second part: I swam competitively through high school. The type of training you are talking about is very odd to me. But I was a sprinter in the pool. We did a lot of weight training. And our water workouts were usually capped around 90 minutes. But it was sprinting followed by recovery.

If you want a swim workout, try this:

  • Grab a partner.
  • 100m Warm Up
  • Set 1, 10x50 meter relay sprints. rest while your partner is swimming.
  • 20 minutes dry lands.
  • Set 2, 5x100m relay sprints.
  • 100m Cool Down

If you want fat burning and butt building, try track sprints. (I mean honestly, have you ever seen a sprinter without an ass?). Easiest workout -- 8 x sprint the straight away, walk/jog the curve. More intense, do some over-distances. (note, all of these assume a 400m to 800m warm up and cool down with dynamic stretching on both ends)

  • 6x 150m Sprint, 50m Jog
  • 6x 50m Sprint, 50m Jog, 150m Sprint, 150m Jog
  • 6x 400m Threshold Pace, 100m Jog, 100m Sprint
  • 2x 100m Sprint, 100m Jog, 200m Sprint, 200m Jog, 400m Sprint, 400m Jog, 600m Sprint, 600m Jog, 800m Sprint
  • 10x 20s Sprint, 120s Jog



on September 06, 2013
at 12:51 PM

Ok so you might be carrying a little bit more weight than you would like, but you have excellent proportions. I'd love to have a naturally slim waist like that.

As for losing body fat, I'd say don't be afraid of HIIT...do sprints. I lost a fair bit of body fat doing that. And my butt is amazing. Just sayin'.

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