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Answered on September 16, 2014
Created September 16, 2014 at 8:17 AM

Hey guys,


 I am going to start paleo today and I will be doing my first shopping trip tonight.


 I am on a very tight budget as in £100 a month for food and I only have Lidl and Tesco to shop at.


 I am looking at having most of my diet come from plants and a small ammount of meat everyday due to the price of animal protein. I will also be eating Organic eggs everyday.


I was hoping for some realistic advice when it comes to shopping on a very very tight budget.


I had a trial weekend on paleo with my girlfriend to see if I liked it and I noticed incredibly fast improvements in just a weekend. My skin cleared up, my lips were not cracked for the first time in like 5 years.


My girlfriend was a vegan for years and a few years ago she turned paleo however she (and now we) follow this kind of template:


No oils, no frying, no added fats like butter or coconut oil or cream or added sugar or sweetners.

At least 8 portions of vegetables and fruits a day, mostly vegetables.

Avoid very high fat intake and focus on micronutrient intake from plant matter.

Get at least one good portion of animal protein a day every day.


My girlfriend works away a lot of the time and she gets a stipend from work to buy her food which means she is comfortably able to afford to lavishly eat the best assortment of veggies and fruit and meat. With her away at work and me beginning on my own on a budget I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice on how to go about buying paleo food and what the best choices are fruit and vegetable wise and animal protein wise.



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on September 16, 2014
at 12:30 PM

The challenge with paleo on a budget is not protein, but rather calories. "Paleo approved" calories are fats and good fats (olive, coconut, animal fat) are expensive. That said, fats are important. Your avoidance isn't a good idea. Veggies, great. Eat tons. Meat, great! A serving or two per day is fine. Fat at 40-50% of your calories is a sweet spot. 

If budget minded, I would add back white rice as soon as possible. Great calories, whole food. Starchy tubers (white potatoes) are great calorie sources, and mineral-rich. Toss on butter and olive oil and you're set. 


on September 16, 2014
at 10:57 AM

I am on the Paleo diet personally, I can't overstate how good it is. Not only for losing weight but for good health generally. The idea is to eat foods which cavemen would have eaten as they are the meals are bodies are designed to end up being eating rather than all the refined garbage we consume these days. That means eating fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, seeds and nuts. Although cutting out all the things like whole grains, dairy, sugar and veggie oils.


on September 16, 2014
at 09:32 AM

Good luck with it. I find foods like tinned tuna fish and sardines cheap for protein (and I buy the cheapest Tesco eggs although it sounds like you probably wisely prefer organic eggs).

Our ancestors often missed meals so intermittent fasting is of course very very cheap - costs nothing.

Finally I only drink water - tap water and that's obviously cheap too.

I am huge fan of good animal fats, nuts and avocados but it sounds like you want to be lower fat.


on September 16, 2014
at 03:14 PM

I am trying to lean out so I may take the higher fat route for a few months and start doing a higher carbohydrate and lower fat diet once I have gotten in better shape body composition wise.

 I am going shopping tonight at around six o'clock and I am writing a list with things to pick up on a weekly basis. I was thinking of something like this:


Olive oil (monthly purchase)

Animal produce (salted kerrygold butter, unsalted valley butter, Organic eggs)

Animal protein ( whole chicken, frying steaks, lamb steaks, fresh fish, shellfish, pork joints)

Green vegetables (kale, asparagus, cabbage, mixed greens, spinach, broccoli, peppers etc)

Fruit ( frozen berries, pears, tomatoes, lime, oranges, melon, apples)


I am thinking I could have ommelettes for breakfast, lots of steamed vegetables with some butter on and a lean cut of protein and fruit for a snack. I am hesitant about adding potaotes and stuff like that until I lean out now, having read rob wolf saying this:


"So does that mean everyone should be out there chowing down on potatoes? Unfortunately, no. Not because there is anything unhealthy about potatoes, but a lot of people cannot process dense carb sources in a healthy way. It ultimately depends on your activity level and metabolic status. Basically those carbs fuel your activity level. If you’re living a desk to couch lifestyle then either up your activity level or keep the intake low. You have to earn your carbs. If you have metabolic issues (read: abdominal fat) then you need to get that sorted out first since you are not processing carbs correctly. It ends up being shuttled to the fat tissue instead of being available as energy."



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