Where Near Ramstein Germany can i find Neuland butcher?

Answered on April 20, 2013
Created August 13, 2012 at 9:04 PM

I live in Germany near Ramstein. I'm looking for Grass fed beef chicken all, can you tell me if there is a place nearby that sells it?

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4 Answers


on April 20, 2013
at 04:08 AM


We're stationed in Baumholder. They have a local hunt club here in Baumholder that sells wild boar and venison during hunting season (most of the year except the spring!). It is amazing and surprisingly not that expensive. It used to be advertised in the military area circular. I would give you the address, but I am in Afgh right now and don't have access to it. About a 20 minute drive for some amazing meat. The butcher shop is only open on Saturday mornings, but well worth the drive.


on February 08, 2013
at 06:11 PM

Halal butchers. I find the quality to be good. Costs about half of those prices.



on September 19, 2012
at 09:36 AM

Here are addresses where you can buy directly from the farmer:



Galloways don´t mind the cold weather so they are living outside from grass or, in the winter, from dried grass.



on August 13, 2012
at 09:57 PM

The best place to go is the farmer's market. We're in a different area but we've gotten our beef from two different farmers at reasonable prices - Roughly 8€/kg.at our market some stalls also just post a sign if they have fresh chicken and one farmer I get beef from posts their next slaughter date at their stall. If you don't see anyone with beef for sale just ask around. Or ask at the bio stores or naturkost in your area. That's definitely more pricey for meat and eggs though. I'm sure Kaiserslautern or another city nearby might have a farmer's market. The toytown Germany forums may also be helpful to you.

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