Should I eat the bone marrow after having cooked my beef bone broth?

Answered on January 03, 2015
Created January 01, 2015 at 1:59 PM

Yes, should I eat the beef bone marrow after having cooked it with its bones for 48 hours to make broth? We have tried to do so, thinking it is good nutrion-wise, but we can´t seem to handle the taste of it. It does not taste so bad we cannot get it down, but none of us enjoy the taste very much and we were both relieved when we decided we didnt have to eat the marrow and to stick with only the bone broth twice daily. 

Are we missing out on something important nutrition-wise by doing so?

If you think we should, is there any secret to hiding the taste or do you learn to like it? We didnt use much seasoning and such, to be honest..

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2 Answers

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on January 03, 2015
at 11:24 AM

Hm, OK, thanks, I will try that. Although I am still sceptical since we have tried to fry it with onions and so on without it helping out much with the taste..'

But, after cooking it for 48 hours, is there really any good stuff left in the marrow?



on January 01, 2015
at 04:18 PM

I find it distasteful like that, but I find it divine when roasted for 20 minutes at 300 in the oven. I prefer to eat the marrow, then use the bone for broth. If it needs the missing fat, I add my own lard (we bought a pig this year).

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