Copper Deficiency as related to Cardio Vascular Disease--Eat Your Beef Liver

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 07, 2010 at 8:52 PM

Stephan has an excellet posting today regarding copper deficiency and cardio vascular disease.

At http://www.nutritiondata.com/foods-013125000000000000000.html?maxCount=9

I found out that beef liver per serving of 200 kcal has 15-17mg of copper in some form.

Of course, if you can't do cow's liver, your local health food store will have an array of of broad spectrum liquid mineral supplements derived from ancient sea beds in Utah that susposedly are loaded with all the minerals you need...including copper.

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3 Answers



on April 08, 2010
at 06:35 PM

Avoiding copper deficiency = good. Megadosing on copper = VERY VERY Bad. I think Stephan's post could lead people to megadose, not because Stephan advised it, but just because people can be rash sometimes. Do not overdo copper -- it is associated with many bad health outcomes. If you do supplement, take no more than .5 mg per day and take it with at least 5-10 mg of zinc.


on April 08, 2010
at 03:53 AM

I've been mulling around "supplementation" over the winter, and the copper connection post you (Dexter) linked is another good read to add to the thought process. I still fall back to a default of minimizing my intake of novel food products, chemicals, supplements and the like. I just want to minimize my exposure to unintended consequences from supplements. As Dexter mentions, liver is a great source of copper (and other vitamins, minerals etc) and is a real whole food (as are mushrooms). I certainly do not hold that any food is magic, but we certainly do need a bit of variety, and an intake of food that jives with our ancestral formative past.

My current view has me taking in minor doses (1 or 2 gram) of fish or krill oil when my omega 6 intake is elevated day to day (eating conventional meat for instance), but I've been questioning and lowering this. And when full sun (higher latitude and winter weather) is not available, I will dose D3 daily to keep levels topped off.

I suppose a thorough rehashing of vitamin/mineral needs would be a loong long Q&A. I'll watch Stephan's future posts on this! Perhaps it's a great benefit that I happen to like liver, and get plenty from grass fed/wild sources that I do eat a bit weekly.



on April 08, 2010
at 12:58 AM

On paper mushrooms also have a lot of copper, although I am wondering (and asked on Stefan's thread) if the numbers in current nutrition databases are correct. Are these numbers unpdated from time to time or are they outdated (and so possibly overstated) figures?

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