Any good breakfast sausages out there?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 24, 2012 at 1:26 AM

I was just at whole foods looking for some "paleo" breakfast sausages, couldn't find much though. Any good brands out there that you buy? If so, where? Preferably beef.

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6 Answers


on January 24, 2012
at 03:20 PM

Applegate makes a good breakfast sausage which is available both fresh with cinnamon and in the frozen section.


on January 24, 2012
at 06:12 AM

I make my own with sausage seasonings from penzeys.com and beef from my cowshare.


on January 24, 2012
at 03:34 AM

My local butcher makes up these Paleo sausages just for me! Last time I went for organic grass-fed beef, capsicum and shallots - but I'm thinking pork and apple next time.

I have to get a fairly big batch (as for some reason he doesn't think he'd sell the rest to anyone else?!) - but I split them up and freeze them so it's no problem.

Worth asking a local butcher if they'll do the same!


on January 24, 2012
at 05:46 AM

I've been getting sausages from my CSA lately, but when I need more I usually get Jones Dairy Farm sausages from my local non-Whole Foods grocery store. Sold frozen, no nitrites, no MSG. They have beef varieties but I always get pork.


on January 24, 2012
at 02:31 AM

I would really look for a local butcher or farm that you trust.

For those near NYC, Herondale farms sells amazing breakfast sauage.



on January 24, 2012
at 02:07 AM

What kinda sick mutha would make sausage out of a damn cow?


On a serious note... If I'm shopping at a normal non-organic grocery store, and I don't have any homemade sausage (which we mostly eat at my home), then I look for Jones Natural pork sausage. All of their products have been certified Gluten-Free, and are endorsed by the CDF and and CSA (Celiac organizations). This is my "Link Of Choice": http://www.jonesdairyfarm.com/All-Natural-Pork-Sausage-Hearty-Links-12-oz--P92C46.aspx

If I did a beef breakfast sausage, I probably wouldn't season it like I season pork breakfast sausage (sage, chili flake, all spice, nutmeg), but would try to make a totally different sausage, as those spices might still be good - but just not as good as pork would be.

In fact, it looks like I'm not the only one - US Wellness only sells Italian and Polish beef sausages on their site as far as I can see... http://www.grasslandbeef.com/Categories.bok?category=Grassland+Beef%3ASausage%2C+Bologna+%26+Organ+Sausages

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