Any harm in eating beef tallow alone?

Answered on April 05, 2016
Created April 05, 2016 at 1:49 AM

Most internet sources only talk about cooking with tallow. I am wondering if there are benefits or disadvantages to eating a meal mostly centered around tallow? I made myself a "tallow fudge," by melting grass-fed tallow and mixing it with raw cacao powder and honey, cooling it to harden. Ate it and felt fine. I also made a tomato soup and dumped about a cup of tallow into the pot, eating that as a soup. Again, felt fine.

But regardless of how I feel, is this bad for me in any way? Or am I legitimately fulfilling paleo's good fats requirements? I feel fine eating it, but in the back of my mind something wonders if this just isn't right, considering I hardly see any internet talk about doing the same.

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on April 05, 2016
at 06:59 PM

I put a spoon of tallow in every bowl of soup and have done it for years. About 15 months ago I got tired of breaking jars to get to the very hard tallow, and now I put a spoon of a lard-tallow mixture in my soup. I do this every day.

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on April 05, 2016
at 04:38 PM

This isn't something you'd find recommended by Cordain in The Paleo Diet, mostly because of the use of honey and the use of fat. According to the Satiety Index this is a very low satiety food, on the level of a Mars bar, and less satiating than even white bread. It is also a highly rewarding food. It could be overeaten easily because of the high calorie density. It's not suitable for diabetics. It's more or less fudge. The soup idea sounds better, but I'd have trouble getting that much fat down in a bowl of soup.

I'm not the Paleo police though.

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