Need for creams to keep skin young on paleo?

Answered on September 29, 2014
Created November 29, 2012 at 12:12 PM

Everybody at work keeps getting a look of sheer horror on their face when people discuss beauty routines and I tell them that I don't use anything on my face/body.

I have naturally very oily skin, to the point where if I wipe my hands on my face when I wake up I will get a layer of oil on my face. It has always been like this and I only sometimes feel the need to moisturise when I have dry skin, this is usually a few times in the winter because of the coldness.

I have always been told I'm lucky to have such an oily complextion because it means that I will not develop wrinkles as easily.

I only moisturise when I feel the need for it but my coworkers think that you have to use creams, from a young age, to prevent your skin from ageing. Apparently I'm ruining my skin by not using creams already.

My coworker has also pointed out that if I don't do this I will develop stretchmarks. I found this a bit odd. I told her you only get stretchmarks from your skin stretching out, i.e. developing breasts/hips during puberty and by gaining weight. She said that she doesn't change shape but has gotten stretchmarks on her body and they do come with age. Is it just me being ignorant or do you really develop stretchmarks with age?

I kind of feel like all this hyper/stress about using creams is a bit unneccessary. Surely the oils produced by the body are there for a reason and do their job. I also kind of feel that all these creams my coworkers are using have lots of ingredients in them that they really shouldn't be putting on their body...

So basically, my question is: Should I feel fine about only moisturising when I feel the need to or will I because of this age rapidly and not have as good skin as I could have?

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8 Answers



on November 29, 2012
at 01:15 PM

Well collagen, which is supplied from within through diet (boooone broth), would affect wrinkles, stretch marks, and cellulite more than an external cream, right? As well as water intake and if you are smoking regularly and getting a lot of sun on your face. Not using a cream doesn't age you, age ages you.

I think the whole face cream thing is a marketing gimmick to keep women buying expensive products... and to give people the illusion they can do something about aging. Looking more or less your age and acquiring wrinkles and grey hairs is part of life.

The real issue is not whether to use creams but to look at your fear of aging and death in a youth obsessed society. ;) (Try not to smile or frown or show any emotions, it will give you wrinkles!)

Apart from that, coconut, jojoba, almond, castor oils etc can be used where needed and foods like avocado and egg can be gooped on. I don't see what could be much better than that.


on November 29, 2012
at 07:16 PM

I think you will be fine without creams! I never could afford them when I was younger so I didn't use them. I use nothing on my skin at all 99.9% of the time. I sometimes use coconut oil on my skin if feels dry. I get compliments on my skin all the time. I am 47.

I think if it's 'not broke' don't fix it. Creams & lotions etc are a big $$$ marketing gimmick.


on September 29, 2014
at 10:29 AM

 I believe that creams on the body block the natural production and flow of oils and nutrients.  I recently stopped using them completely - except on my face because it felt dry without.

I am 73 years old and quite wrinkled with flabby skin because I have lost weight since beginning the paleo lifestyle.  I feel fantastic and very healthy with a very strong and effective immune system.

I have been suffering for most of my life with itchy dry skin, particularly in the winter in Ontario,Canada. Relief was only experienced in tropical countries and in BC. 

Finally, after about 1 year on paleo at the recommendation of my son, a Naturopathic Doctor, I stopped all the creams and without them my itch has almost stopped.  A dermatologist recently recommended Aveeno (blue label) but the first time I applied it to my legs, I broke out in a raised itchy rash.

Now once again I'm happy to be cream free and to be saving $$$$.

Today I mixed a concotion of avocado, cucumber, coconut and olive oils and applied it to my face - and it feels good so far.

PS I am using DOVE body wash in the shower and keeping the temperature of the water at tepid.  I think the hot water is also drying.



on September 29, 2014
at 04:51 PM

Agree on creams but think a little bit of oil or similar can't hurt and can be a bit of fun. I mix jojoba and rosehip oils for a facial moisturiser (a little helps dry ends of hair too), avocado and olive oils for a body moisturiser and for the oil cleansing method. Melting coconut oil and either cocoa butter or shea butter together and pouring a bit into a cupcake case to set makes lovely massage bars. Few drops of essential oil don;t hurt in any of those either. Use rosewater as a toner, a bit of kaolin or bentonite clay as a cleansing face mask, pineapple or papaya as a brigtening face mask, avocado with honey as a moisturisng one. Steaming your face over a bowl of hot water with some essential oils in it can be very relaxing before one of the masks too. 

Also, my aunty who had a very oily t-zone, used to take the oil from there on her hand and massage it int0 her cheeks, jaw and neck, where the skin was drier.

I think how your skin ages is mostly genetic, with how much stress you have, what your diet and exercise is contributing a bit. But having a bit of fun with some sweet smelling potions and some time to yourself, or getting a massage now and then, is a great way to relieve some stress and relax. some little daily or weekly riuals can really help create a sense of peace and calm. Paleo tends to have the diet and exercise covered. A little bit of looking after yourself isn't going to hurt as long as you don't slather chemicals all over yourself.



on November 30, 2012
at 12:04 AM

I think oily skin does help prevent wrinkles, but I still don't like it. I have had good luck with fclo/Bo blend. 8 capsules a day has really helped my oily skin. Also, I use a homemade vit c serum every morning. I love them both. I think you certainly don't need to moisturize though. I can not stand to rub cream on my face. It repulses me, but I am weird that way. Good luck!


on November 29, 2012
at 09:40 PM

I have no idea, i wish i did. Ever since i went paleo i stopped washing my face and my skin still gets random whitehead zits and my nose has tons of blackheads and some facial dandruff. When I try topicals it always turns red and inflammed. no idea, don't want to treat it systemically



on November 29, 2012
at 09:33 PM

you can use an emolient [typically e45, hydromol etc.] or a good after shave with shea butter [insitut karité does that] even if you are a woman; you can also use pure organic aloe vera anyway try products with oil in it and not too much alchol as it will dry further your skin and so your sebum production will zoom



on November 29, 2012
at 04:32 PM

If you look at people who have lost weight, and/or those on a low fat diet, they have dry skin and it looks saggy. With the extra fat and nutrients from Paleo, your skin does not dry out as much, and keeps its elasticity.

(On a side note, the conference that I attended with the most beautiful young looking people was a sexologist conference! So, lots of sex and enjoy fatty foods!)

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