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I will take these all couple slices the time now spiller is basic oppose the two regions of the epidermis and the dermis now for us to hear the appeal in connective tissues you should realize that the epidermis is nothing more stratified squalors epithelium remember that means there are multiple layers the top where cells every flapped or sway miss now what your word today Israel through the five layers that make up the epidermis I'll I'm nether pretty question it s really have to look at a later time in which way it is rushed to heart got a separate them out when I were special tell me what layers on top what lawyers were bomb and the order thrones in between but their mass is just basically connective tissue ok got a connective tissue is dense irregular connective tissue that's where skin as strength in all directions how do the two main parts the skin but up their part there we Beaudify incurred in this is the hype order miss hyper as a prefix which means below rounder so I program us this is the part that sets under the scare ok now the letter to the scam you know very effective say were between one to two millimeters go so I very much but this is our first line of defense for our new system enhance four primary functions all my slide your hand at a pep talks in there always Scott Summer debatable but also pointed out here main function is here would be protection the skin for same are protective barrier I guess all kinds a bacterial infections it???s tough you know available well where sales today a protein called character kier at in sweat produces are slightly acidic mantle and again most bacteria are army to penetrate and I think it is a acidic or drive for that matter the skin tissue were behind re so effective water barrier Salukis water out as well as the rear that's why are you go swim swimming in the ocean or swimming pool you notice what looked like a sponge water stepped-up some roller ski the Alps can also provides effective you the barrier use these there for alto my light it will look at those we talked to differ structures inside the cells you???re the skin is also signed.


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