almond flour bannock

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 27, 2012 at 6:21 AM

The recipe for bannock is 4 cup flour 4 tsp baking powder 1/2 cup lard yummy 1 1/2 cup water 4 tsp salt

Mix and cook in iron skillet

Can i substitute out the flour with almond flour? And if so do i need to add eggs to make it hold up together?



on March 27, 2012
at 01:33 PM

Make a small test batch and see how it works- like 1 c. almond flour, 1 tsp. BP, 1/8 c. lard, 1 tsp. salt. If it has eggs in it it won't be bannock IMO.

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on March 28, 2012
at 06:24 AM

You are wonderful for posting this! I might try a mix of almond and coconut, because I find just almond makes things really dense and I like a fluffier bannock with jam (we call this sausgun on the East coast, btw). I find you need less of the fatty flours than you would of a grain flour, so you may need a little less than you would if you were using wheat.

I'm having a family vacation this week, and I just may have to make this for us all now!



on March 27, 2012
at 02:16 PM

I've never made Bannock, but according to wikipedia it's a flatbread. I've made gluten-free / paleo-ified breads, and I use almond flour regularly. However, I don't think that almond flour (100%) is going to be what you want here. @AnnaA's comment is spot on - make a small test batch.

I've found that almond flour is great for paleo-ified desserts, or a pizza-type concoction, but it has no elasticity to speak of. If you are really craving a gluten-free bannock, buckwheat may be the way to go (not strict paleo), as it will have some measure of elasticity, and I've used it for paratha, so I know it works for flatbreads.

A mixture of almond flour, coconut flour, arrow root powder, eggs, and oil may be what you are looking for, i.e. more "bready". However, I suggest googling to find tested ratios.

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