What could be causing my stomach problems?

Answered on January 07, 2016
Created January 05, 2016 at 4:37 AM

So I noticed that whenever I do any paleo baking, I get stomach problems. I'm talking paleo muffins and bread with coconut/almond flour etc. I only use paleo ingredients. At one time I expected it was eggs, but I did some intolerance testing and eggs are not the problem. Just recently I thought it maybe was coconut oil, and after removing it I stopped getting gas. But I still get extremely stomach cramped when I eat something paleo baked. I have eaten the ingredients seperately and they cause no harm. Such as honey, and I use the flours to coat meat sometimes. Anyways I am hoping someone could give me some insight. I believe I may have an underlying problem in my body, getting a endoscopy and colonoscopy soon. Just gonna not do any baking again.. which is a bummer cause I always crave baked goods.

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on January 07, 2016
at 02:12 AM

Hello there, have ever tried to drink kefir to stop your stomach problems? I was suffering from stomach problems after I started home made kefir drink they stop. Hope this will help.



on January 05, 2016
at 05:35 PM

"Paleo" muffins aren't really paleo, except in the sense that they don't contain gluten. Typically coconut flour will contain a ton of fiber, which your gut bacteria will feed on and cause gas, which will cause pain.

If you've got the wrong bacteria, that can cause trouble.

Too much coconut oil will cause stretorhea, which is a form of diarrhea.  This happens if you've never used it before and suddenly consume a whole tablespoon of coconut oil all at once.  But this will not feed gut bacteria, nor cause bloating/gas.  It can however kill off gram negative bacteria, and when they die off you'll get a mild version of a Herxheimer's reaction, which is no fun - you'll feel a bit sick, or a lot sick, maybe kind of like a flu.

Perhaps the combination of feeding some bacteria while killing off others is what's causing your reaction.

You'll probably want to fix your gut flora by eating resistant starches and such.  You can try one of the versions of "Bionic Fiber" here: http://drbganimalpharm.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-to-cure-sibo-small-intestinal-bowel_18.html for a week or a month and see if it makes a difference.  Start small at first, do maybe 1 teaspoon each of the plantain/green banana flour, inulin, and acacia, and increase it upto a tablespoon each and see how it goes.


But yea, based on your other question, you likely have some funky gut bugs that you might need to get rid of.  It would be an involved process where you'd need to genetically test them via uBiome and find out which ones shouldn't be there and try to push them out by feeding the good guys and not them.

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