Strange- Every time I eat pork my brain fog disappears? Whaat??

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I was a vegan for a while, recently changed over to paleo because my health wasn't improving and wanted to try it out, I guess still detoxing from being grain free but my brain fog has been terrible lately, I was driving today and even ran a red light! :-\ Luckily it was at night and in a very very small intersection, but still I am always a cautious driver.

I ate pork once a week ago and I noticed I felt absolutely fantastic after, no brain fog for the first time I can ever remember in my life! Then I had some beef later on and it came back worse than I've ever felt it. Today I had some bacon and again I felt great after, and now I'm scared to eat anything other than pork as I don't want to bring the brain fog back!

What is in pork that may be doing this to me? Has it ever done it to anyone you know or yourself? I checked all the vitamins in pork like high thiamine and other b vitamins and I guess that could be the case but I've always taken chlorella which has b vitamins in it...

Please share some opinions you may have about this- it's fantastic but I want to know why because I still want to ween off meat eventually (maybe once or twice a week) but I want to figure out what's causing this so I can have it every day!




on August 05, 2013
at 03:13 PM

Any chance you are not getting enough salt in your diet, so maybe it's the fact that the pork products you are eating are salted, like bacon?

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