Need a Mentor for my Paleo Journey

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 06, 2010 at 2:16 AM

Hey who out there can give me direction on cooking and making menus for my wife and I. I love the results I have gotten so far seven weeks into this lifestyle just from the book, but need more ideas on food. Who's willing.

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on November 06, 2010
at 02:12 PM

there are tons of recipes online. here is an aggregator of them:


just note that it's a mix of paleo and primal, so you have to decide how strict you want to be, and chose recipes accordingly.


on November 08, 2010
at 11:59 AM

Check out Whole9life.com and their Whole30 program. You can find lot's of people on that site to share with, get ideas from and motivate you.



on November 06, 2010
at 11:22 PM

Get meat.

Cook meat.

Eat meat.


I actually keep it pretty simple, but there are lots of recipes out there (Marks Daily Apple/Girl Gone Primal/Free The Animal). Also, many low carb recipes are paleo or can be adjusted to be paleo and there are just tons of those, for example at the low carb forum:



on November 06, 2010
at 02:45 AM

You may want to check out Paleo Mama.. she has lots of great recipes! http://paleomama.com/

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