Must I restart my Whole30?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 15, 2013 at 2:29 AM

I've been Paleo for months, probably 85%, and I began my first Whole30 on April 1. I missed that one of the ingredients of my organic dried cherries is "cane sugar." I included it in a homemade trail mix and ate some on their own a few times, but I didn't finish the container (which had no more than two heaping palmfuls). I also ate 4 slices of bacon that had "brown sugar" as an ingredient. Thanks, Nature's Promise.

However- I began the Whole30 to see if I have any allergies/intolerances to wheat, dairy and legumes, none of which I've consumed. My sweet tooth isn't really a problem because, frankly, it doesn't really exist. I love cocoa powder and even eat 100% chocolate. I don't feel I really need a sugar detox. I didn't have a single craving for any non-approved food until today, Day 14.

On the other side- I have taken the Whole30 as an opportunity to eat more fruit than usual, and more nut butter, and I ate some 100% chocolate. I'm still counting calories and measuring portions because not doing so makes me nervous, and my caloric intake these last two weeks has been higher than usual (1700-1900 cals). Perhaps a reset would be good?

Will that little amount of sugar alter my results? Could it be a reason I don't see fat loss, provided I am perfect the next 16 days? Could it interfere with grain/dairy/legume reintroduction?

What do you recommend? What would you do?

The only thing really difficult about this plan is the socializing and eating out component.. I can't check labels at restaurants (although apparently I don't even do a good job of that at home), etc., so that's the main reason I don't want to prolong my Whole 30.

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2 Answers



on April 15, 2013
at 04:11 AM

Well, don't punish yourself mentally. I mean that.

It's up to you. If you like how things have gone so far, there's no harm in making that minor correction and going on. If you really feel this removes your feeling of having "done it right" then feel free to start over.

You're in charge. Frankly, from my end I'd say your mindset is the important thing over time. So, do as many or as few Whole30s as makes sense to you. If you see good results then you've found what works for you.


on April 15, 2013
at 04:13 AM

When I reintroduced, I did sugar on the first day (I have a HUGE sweet tooth) and still noticed just fine when the wheat hit my stomach in an unpleasant way. I imagine you're fine to just keep going if what you're looking for is info on how your body responds to grain/dairy/legume.

RE fat loss, aren't you supposed to wait until the end to even assess it? Not trying to tell you what to do, just reminding in case it's useful. I think the letting go of hovering over a scale and counting calories is an important part of W30.

For me, I did paleo for 6 weeks and gained 10 lbs, then did W30 and lost 10 lbs. The main difference for me was that I made myself it big, nourishing meals four times a dayon w30 and just snacked on nuts and fruit the first time. YMMV, of course!

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