Is turkey bacon too processed to be Paleo?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created April 02, 2011 at 3:53 PM

Maybe this question hasn't been asked (or I simply couldn't find it in the archives)because the answer is obvious to the seasoned paleo eater but is Turkey Bacon frowned on or considered non-paleo because it is processed? Can someone please throw a newbie an answer but please provide a complete answer and if you have the basis.. the science behind the answer. Thanks in advance!



on April 26, 2012
at 02:53 AM

Very good question.



on September 07, 2011
at 05:33 PM

I have this question myself. For some reason I was under the impression that turkey bacon is just turkey parts (ground up and whatever) and cut and then smoked to make it taste like bacon. I need to research this more.

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6 Answers


on April 02, 2011
at 04:12 PM

For me, Turkey Bacon is more akin to jerky than it is to real bacon. Turkey bacon comes from turkey thighs that are ground to a fine paste, extruded into strips and cured. Personally, unless you have religious reasons, there is no point to turkey bacon. It is so lean that you have to add another fat to it anyway (risking adding PUFAs to the mix), not to mention all the artificial flavorings manufacturers add to it to mimic the flavor and smokiness of pork bacon. Real, uncured bacon has the fat inherently (no need for butter or oil) and the flavors are natural as long as you choose the right brand.



on April 02, 2011
at 04:24 PM

I used to eat turkey bacon, but after seeing a segment on the History channel, I gave it up. Mechanicly separated, extruded, glued back together....... It was gross. I've added beef bacon instead. It's lean and meaty and nitrate free. It's delicious. I still love pork, the beef is just a way to mix it up.


on April 02, 2011
at 04:37 PM

Personally, I like to stay away from any and all processed foods. Even when they claim to be preservitave and nitrate free they often put chemicals in the packaging to "preserve freshness".


on April 02, 2011
at 04:09 PM

It depends on the ingredients. Some really is fine - the processing is just grinding up the dark, meaty, fatty parts, cooking it into blocks, then slicing it into strips.

Having said that, to me it's worth keeping an eye on the ??6 hit from poultry and pork. Not everyone needs to be so diligent wrt PUFA awareness but some of us, being canaries in the coal mine, just have to be.


on April 26, 2012
at 02:37 AM

I'd have to say it isn't Paleo, I recently bought a pack and realized the ingredients are turkey parts, water, salt, corn syrup olids, sodium phosphate, artificial flavour, sodium erythorbate, smoke flavour, sodium nitrate, browned in vegetable oil..the best part MAY CONTAIN WHEAT AND SOY

MAY CONTAIN WHEAT OR SOY? So each pack is like a cereal box and every box may have a new toy in it for you. After reading the back I'd have to say NO unfortunately to turkey bacon.


on January 27, 2012
at 02:28 PM

The more processed any food is, the less nutritious. That is a pure and simple fact. To me, the whole purpose in adopting a "paleo " diet, is for the purpose of increasing your nutritional intake by eating NON-processed foods. If you really want to eat paleo, choose your meat based on the animal's diet as well. You are what you eat, eats.

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