bacon grease from non-pastured pork okay?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 11, 2013 at 8:56 PM

I keep reading how people collect bacon grease and use it for cooking. I don't make bacon all that often, but when I do I use Trader Joe's Uncured Ends & Pieces, which as far as I know is not pastured pork. I don't have access to any higher quality meat, and ordering online is too pricey, so I'm wondering if I should bother saving the bacon grease to cook eggs in or whatever, or is it better not to consume it?

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2 Answers



on February 12, 2013
at 04:12 PM

We go through about a pound of bacon each week and use every last drop of the grease for veggies, fried eggs, burgers, browning roasts, etc. I cannot find pastured bacon in my area and having it shipped is too costly. Waste not, want not!



on February 11, 2013
at 09:03 PM

Here's the thing: the percentages of SFA / MUFA / PUFA of reserved lard vary wildly. The 2nd ed. PHD book quotes the high end of PUFA to be between 11% and 32% (!!!) of the whole fat content.

Regardless, a little bit to cook vegetables is not going to kill you. However, if you want to start collecting a lot, you may want to get pork from better sources.

Other options, that are fairly inexpensive, include rendering down suet.

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