Super-sized Avocado Pit?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 09, 2013 at 2:53 PM

Lately it seems like every 2-3 weeks or so I buy a batch of avocados and they have such a large pit that there is literally only like 1/4 inch of avocado "meat" between the skin and pit. I ultimately get about half of what I do out of a avocado with a normal sized pit. Some of them never seem to ripen properly either. My guess is that the weather and precipitation dictates a lot of this but does anyone have any suggestions on brands or countries or seasons from particular countries to avoid buying from that tend to have the dreaded giant pit? I haven't paid attention until now as to the brand or country. I do not recall any tell tale signs in the outer appearance or weight. The ones I have right now have an over sized pit and they are Super Mevi from Mexico. I tried to Google it and all I get is a million hits on how to grow a tree from the pit.

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on April 09, 2013
at 03:11 PM


they should have a slight give, skin should be glassy, not puckered or dried out looking, no deep thumb marks/dents, and pay special attention to the stem, if you can flick it out and its brown, its probably not a good avocado, if its nice and green and the fruit has good give, you are good to go. just note that if you have really firm avocados, and take the stem out, they will ripen more quickly.

the difference in pit size has to do with the variety of avocado. generally at the store you get hass avocados, but there are also variteties and traits that make it into the store such as super long avocados like pinkertons, heres a chart to show you the diversity in genetics of avocados, growers will plant according to what will do best in their soil and climate condidtions




on April 09, 2013
at 06:18 PM

Buy long avocados- those ones have the smaller pits. The rounder ones have the bigger ones.



on April 09, 2013
at 05:08 PM

Spin the avocado in your hand and then squeeze it.

An avocado should not be balanced, it should be weighted toward the bottom

An avocado should have a slight give, but not be squishy.

If it's evenly weighted or overly hard than the pit is probably larger.



on April 09, 2013
at 04:32 PM

Trader Joes sells bags of 4 avocados marked "Hass" but often they are not really Hass avocados. You can tell they are not Hass because the skins, pits, and flesh are different. Who knows what they are doing to provide a cheap and steady supply year round

I don't like The other varieties very much, and they seem to go from underripe to rotten in a day. I'd rather spend more and get REAL Hass avocados in season from organic US growers. Real Hass avocados taste so great compared to these other varieties.

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