White rice and autoimmunity?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 04, 2011 at 4:57 PM

I am currently doing no nightshades, no nuts/seeds/ no dairy for an autoimmune condition but I was wondering if I should also avoid white rice. I have been eating tons of sweet potatoes to keep up with activities but I feel it's a bit more convenient to just quickly make rice and eat it throughout the week.

Note: I know white rice isn't paleo but it is a benign source of starch and I was just wondering if it should be avoided for autoimmune conditions.



on April 04, 2011
at 11:24 PM

Harmless? I don't buy that. Still spikes insulin and cortisol.....I'll pass on it 100 out of 100 times. I am fine with some folks eating it but I don't advocate for it at all



on April 04, 2011
at 07:48 PM

I agree Dr.K is a dead food when compared with other more nutritious foods, but it's a pretty harmless source of starch. Plus a great vehicle for fat.



on April 04, 2011
at 07:29 PM

Dr. K - a dead food? interesting label. rice does play a few roles when ingested, specifically with glycogen replenishment and gut flora. a necessary food? no. but I eat lots of things that aren't necessary biologically.



on April 04, 2011
at 05:43 PM

Rice to me is a dead food. I see no reason to eat it biologically. I think it served a great purpose for some societies food shortages

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on April 04, 2011
at 05:55 PM

White rice is certainly LESS likely to activate an autoimmune condition than yams. A way to liven it up is make good broth and then use that instead of water in the rice cooker.

It has starch, which can activate some gut conditions by feeding bad bacteria. However, if you have such a condition, yams are bad too and you need to go low-starch. Gas and bloating after eating starch are a good indication.

I would also note that my boyfriend gets eczema on his hands sometimes and it goes away when I feed him lots of rice. No idea what the mechanism of that one is....

But I do know that when I get married the Fuzzy Logic rice cooker that sprouts rice for you (the only good kind of brown rice) will be on my wedding registry :P



on December 10, 2011
at 02:05 AM

I have celiac disease and have a reaction to rice. My sister is allergic to rice. So it's definitely possible to have an allergy to it, which may be mediate by your autoimmune disease. It seems worth testing out.



on April 04, 2011
at 05:30 PM

In my opinion, with everything else you're avoiding, I'd keep quite rice as a safe starch.



on April 04, 2011
at 05:05 PM

Well it's benign in the sense that you don't get any massive doses of disease-causing lectins, but I wouldn't say it is completely benign for auto-immune sufferers. I have had a grumbley stomach eating white rice. I dunno how it would be now that my gut is more or less repaired but for anyone trying to cope with autoimmunity I wouldn't risk it.

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