Reintroducing foods on autoimmune protocol

Answered on April 01, 2013
Created March 26, 2013 at 6:26 PM

Hi guys,

I've been trying the autoimmune protocol for about 3 months now and had great success. As long as I stick to it, a very strict version, I am pretty much completely symptom free of Chron's.

My question is about reintroducing certain foods and some that might be considered a cheat food. Obviously I am going to follow the Paleo diet and lifestyle as strictly as I can for ever but I would like to be able to enjoy some treats now and again.

I know a lot of people will say ''you should never cheat on Paleo'' and I know you're right but the foods I'm talking about are technically Paleo, (white potatoes, white rice, red wine, tomatoes, aged cheese, eggs etc) and I feel that a cheat here and there helps me stick to Paleo the other 90/85% of the time.

How bad is the odd cheat?

To be honest when I eat these foods sometime I feel perfectly fine and sometimes I may have a small reaction, mild joint pain, or itching that last about half a day max. Although if I drink red wine , it's usually the whole bottle!

Thanks a lot

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on April 01, 2013
at 04:32 AM

If you cheat with a bottle of wine than discussion on reintroducing foods is pretty pointless. Sort out your priorities.

If you quit alcohol altogether you will probably not get any reaction from any foods at all. This is my personal experience: the only time when my psoriasis comes back is when I drink and eat gluten within two days. The conclusion one could make is that food (gluten) is the cause. The reality is the combination of alcohol that opens tight junctions and foods that cross the intestinal barrier is what triggers the autoimmune reaction.

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