Paleo autoimmune bread substitute?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 13, 2012 at 5:59 PM

Hi hackers,

there are lots of recipes out there to mimic bread using coconut flour, almond meal etc. Does anybody have an idea how to make an autoimmune compliant bread-like-thing? (without dairy, nuts, coconut, eggs, nightshades, best without any carbs at all)

I know it's a tough one, but I believe in you guys :-)


Thanks for your answers. It's actually for a friend of mine who has lupus and he has a hard time getting away from bread, so I wanted to make him the transition as comfortable as possible. Flaxseed bread sounds interesting, are there any concerns about it? (regarding heat etc?)



on February 13, 2012
at 06:40 PM

Going out on a limb a bit.. is flaxseed an option?



on February 13, 2012
at 06:04 PM

Yes. I call it "invisible bread".

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11 Answers



on February 13, 2012
at 06:49 PM

The problem with this is that there isn't anything left to make a 'bread' stick together. You might try something like flaxseed meal, sweet potato flour, and agar agar or something like that, but it seems like it would be better to just let go of "bread" and bread substitutes entirely and choose different ways of enjoying your food -- like using lettuce leaves in place of breads/wraps/tortillas.


on February 13, 2012
at 06:54 PM

Don't forget Portobello mushroom caps... they make kickass hamburger buns!



on February 13, 2012
at 08:07 PM

I think this is hard to answer without knowing what it is that you want the bread to DO. Is it supposed to make a sandwich? Go for portabellos or lettuce wraps. Is it something to soak up the juices of your roast? Mashed cauliflower. Is it just trying to fill the gaping bread-shaped hole in your life? You might just need to move on and try to live your life without bread if that's the case.


on February 13, 2012
at 06:24 PM

Hamburger patties?


on May 10, 2012
at 04:20 AM

I have a bread machine still and I'm eager to salvage it. Recently I tried this:

1/2 & 1/2 flour made of almond & coconut flours (Bob's Redmill)
standard bread yeast + honey to feed yeast
all other standard bread ingredients
go easy on the salts or you kill the yeast
fats can be whatever you want (melted butter, olive oil, etc)

I followed the directions for a whole wheat flour bread because it bakes bread longer than a white flour bread.

Result: disastrous. All I got was a doughy pile of funny tasting globs and crumbs. Did not hold together in anything slice-able or even tear-able.

I might try again with baking soda rather than yeast+sugars. I have no reason to think it will fare better.

Conclusion: gluten is what makes bread work. No gluten, no leavened bread.

I will probably try making almond-coconut flat breads (unleavened) or pizza crusts. I saw a guy on YouTube who made an almond flour pizza crust.

It's true that Paleo/Primal puts you on a food odyssey. You have to relearn a lot of stuff. I consider this my new hobby now. There are worse things.

My husband already segued from bread to low-carb wheat wraps months ago for his carb-cutting efforts. I've now one-upped him and use suitable lettuces for wraps. So that's my "sandwich" format now: romaine and butter lettuce.


on February 14, 2012
at 05:09 AM

Get a 5 lb. bag of Goya's frozen yucas from either a large Hispanic market or BJ's or other large supermarkets like ShopRite. Microwave using the preset "potato setting". What comes out tastes a bit like flatbread, if a little too hard.

If you find that to be too hard, just boil the yuca. I use a gas range and boil good for 1 hour. Let air dry and leave out for about 12 hours. Dried out yuca slices taste a bit like bread, at least to me. I can't eat my steak without yuca.

I completely love boiled yuca and it could conceivably substitute for bread.



on February 13, 2012
at 11:42 PM

Flaxseed wraps. Haven't tried this yet but intend to. There are just times when you want to take a bottle of wine and sit high on a cliff over the coast and have a picnic with some meat and cheese rolled up in a wrap and this seems like a good possibility. And easy and quick to make. It's from the book Wheat Belly by WIlliam Davis, MD.




on February 13, 2012
at 08:54 PM

If I really really really want something that's bready, I suck it up and make tapioca flour rolls. Not exactly the ultimate Paleo practice, but can really satisfy a craving without making me feel yuck.



on February 13, 2012
at 07:48 PM

I know the proper Paleo answer is to say you gotta get over bread, however I think of all the options, white rice flour would be the most tolerable. Coconut and almond flour are both too gassy for me. I don't have a recipe or anything. I use romaine leaves.

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