In light of Venus Williams' recent diagnosis, any experiences with paleo and Sjögren's Syndrome?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 01, 2011 at 4:45 PM

Since hearing about Venus Williams' Sj??gren's diagnosis, I can not stop thinking about all of the information she must be hearing from all sorts of people. Something tells me that she is being told that she is "broken" and that there is nothing she can do except try out different medications, procedures, etc. I honestly wonder what they are saying about diet, and what her current diet is like. Diet is a huge issue for any professional athlete, but I'm sure she is bombarded with information about whole grains for energy, dairy for recovery, etc. etc. After hearing Robb Wolf's seminar in Boston just recently, and with all he covered about autoimmunity, I can't help but wonder if Venus could return to health and to the court in a much simpler way.

Does anyone have any experience with Sj??gren's? Diagnoses, treatment, conflicting recommendations, etc? How did paleo factor into the equation and what did it do for you?

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4 Answers


on September 01, 2011
at 04:51 PM

great question. i was thinking the same thing yesterday when i heard about her illness. it's tragic that a world class athlete who should still be in her prime is suffering from an autoimmune disorder that may be controllable through diet. hopefully someone puts a bug in her ear so she can at the very least control it.



on September 01, 2011
at 05:20 PM

I just "liked" her FB page & posted a comment. I bet if a bunch of us do that, someone on her publicity team will pass it on.



on September 01, 2011
at 05:15 PM

All I know is that when I was a vegetarian, pre any paleo knowledge, I was pre diagnosis with lupus. I thought WTF, how can that be..... Well since becoming paleo and learning about the inflammatory response grains I realized that I was doing it to myself. hench- autoimmune! Anyway, I do believe that paleo would help her greatly!! How can we get a hold of her! FB or tweeter... LOL



on September 01, 2011
at 05:14 PM

This is a fantastic question, and I was wondering the same thing. As a tennis fan who loves watching Venus play, I'm hoping she takes a cue from Novak Djokovic and tries going gluten-free or full-blown Paleo.

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