I'm confused, trying to get on the road to recovery, and looking for advice.

Asked on January 21, 2014
Created January 21, 2014 at 6:28 AM

Hi, I could really use some advice. Three years ago I was put on a 30 day high dose of antibiotics to cure Lyme disease. (I didn't actually have Lyme disease we just lived in a house full of mold, and the symptoms I was having slowly went away when we abruptly moved.) About a week after I completed the antibiotic course I started having stomach problems and attacks when I would eat food or breath in anything irritating. With the food anything aged, fermented, left overs, and any raw fruits or vegetables especially. My nose and throat would close up so I couldn't swallow or breath well, I would have painful body muscle cramps, chest pain, diarrhea, and get violently ill for 1 to 8 hours. If I breathed in gas from cooking it would feel like my chest and head were being crushed and was about to explode until I got fresh air. I went to many doctors. What works is a restricted diet where I basically only eat things I can tolerate, H1 blocker for allergies, H2 blocker for reflux, nasal steroid, an inhaler, and I have an epipen for emergency. I went down to 99 lbs, but was finally able to start recovering. After a year I got pregnant with our second son and was able to drop some of the meds and eat anything. When he turned 7 weeks I suddenly got unbearable pain in my kidney region and blood in my urine with no cause my doctors could find, multiple infections, a yeast rash on my chest, and became very affected by everything. All food and everything in my environment. I could tolerate plain oatmeal, steak, and limited eggs. I couldn't breath, I just kept having asthma attack after asthma attack(I have recently been diagnosed with allergy triggered asthma, but my Allergist has only found Apple to be a very mild food allergy. No other food allergies.) and spent 2 weeks on my living room floor surrounded by air purifiers. I went back on the meds, and ate only those 3 foods for about 3 months. Around Halloween I had improved enough to add a few more foods. I tested positive for H pylori and had triple antibiotic therapy and started to feel pretty good. Then after a month I started having problems. The H pylori stool test was negative, and a breath test was positive for SIBO. I'm being prescribed another round of antibiotics but my GI doctor says all of the symptoms can't be explained by bacteria. My doctors are willing to refer me to specialists to do additional testing. They have mentioned Auto immune disease, Mastocytosis(my histamine and tryptase are apparently ok though.), and I have an appointment at a diabetes center to see if I have sugar issues. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experiences like this or knows anyone who has? I could even just use some moral support, most people in our lives just don't understand why I can't take a pill and be all fixed up. I started taking enteric coated peppermint and it seems to help... I also have a great probiotic and I take lots and lots of vitamins to compensate for what I'm not getting in my diet. I want to try paleo but I'm going very slow and it would have to be a paleo hack diet. If you got through all that reading thank you! Lol Please, I would love any advice!

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