How strict do I need to be on the Autoimmune Protocol?

Asked on September 22, 2018
Created September 22, 2018 at 11:44 AM

I'm 31/f. I have IBS and acne . I'm only 110 lbs but im "skinny fat". I was diagnosed with hashimoto's hypothyroidism recently and I've been feeling so tired and depressed despite being on synthroid 150 mcg. 

 I've been wanting to try the Autoimmune Protocol for a while so I finally went cold turkey and just did it. I only lasted five days. The thing I missed the most were the spices. I'm indian and in a typical day, I would consume15-20 different types of spices. Although some are still allowed on the AIP like turmeric, garlic, ginger, bay leaf, cinnamon, etc. The food didn't taste quite right without my cumin, black pepper or chillies.

I'm also a working single mom so I need carbs for energy. I was constantly hungry and irritable on the AIP even though I was eating sweet potatoes at every meal. 

My thyroid medication also has non-paleo ingredients such as artificial colours, lactose and soy. 

My question is, can I still do the AIP with a few modifications? My version of the AIP:

Eat: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, coconut milk, olive oil, all spices, fresh chillies, white rice, and soaked, fermented or sprouted lentils, ghee

Eliminate for 30 days: nightshades (except chillies), chilli powder, eggs, chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, seeds (except spices), alcohol, caffeine, fermented dairy

Eliminate forever: wheat and other grains, dairy, sugar, processed foods 

Will the diet still work? My goals are to have more energy and to be happier (I have depression but I'm not taking antidepressants). Also improvement in skin quality (less pimples) would be nice. 


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