Following auto-immune protocol, why are symptoms worsening?

Answered on February 22, 2014
Created July 31, 2013 at 4:54 PM

Hey all! My spouse and I have been doing Whole30. This is our second stint, and have been mostly dedicated paleo eaters until this summer (beer, BBQs, birthdays). Hence the feel for a reset.

A week in, we went through most of the typical experiences, but when I had my spouse (diagnosed lupus, Hashimotos) start eating auto-immune protocol her symptoms flared, worse than when she started.

I've heard this is called "die-off" but she wasn't buying it, frustrated that her symptoms were worse since starting to eat better. She has also gained weight the last week (she is not overweight now, square in the "normal" for BMI, but is pissed about it lol).

Has anyone else gone through this? I want her to stay on the diet because I really believe that in time she will feel better, but I'm having trouble convincing her.

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on February 22, 2014
at 09:48 PM

I noticed your post went unanswered. Did you find any solutions? I know of some supplements to take that can alleviate that die off effect that can cause bloating or other typical detox symptoms. One really easy, cheap and effective one is psylillium seed powder. NOT the typical fiber made from the husk. Somehow the seed powder does a much better job of cleaning the things out that can cause some of those side effects. Natural Grocers (Vitamin Cottage) sells it Colorado.

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