Autoimmune GAPS/SCD success stories? Not-so successful stories?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 01, 2012 at 3:46 AM

I'm curious to see if people diagnosed with autoimmune have gone on gaps/SCD and no longer have autoimmune antibodies even after exposure to allergens, nightshades etc.

Being such a strict protocol I would imagine there is a larger number of fall off the wagoners and folks for which the diets did not work.

Thanks for sharing!

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on June 01, 2012
at 10:58 AM

I went Primal in Jan. 2011, then went on GAPS intro March, 2012. I'm finishing up the intro do dairy now, but, I am now eating small amounts of things I've been intolerant to in the past, so far pork and lamb, only because most of the other things are on the illegal list (corn, soy, sesame).

I'm going to stay on gaps for another 6 months and then hope to introduce beef which is my worst issue (severe swelling in the intestines). That will be my ultimate test to see if its working.

I am no longer running for the bathroom first thing in the morning, I no longer am having severe spazams and cramping in colon and intestines, I rarely am sick anymore and when I do get hit by something I recovery much faster (hours rather than days).

I'll retest again after I've introduced all the foods back in that are allowable and see what happens, I'll do that around 1 year to be sure I've had time to heal.

In my opinion, something positive is happening for me, do I expect miracles, no, but any improvement for me has been worth every sacrifice and the effort.

Any time I've cheated and introduced something off the plan or not yet introduced, I instantly pay for it....do that a few times and you don't cheat! The key is having lots of legal foods ready to eat.

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