Anyone else with lichen planopilaris? The AIP diet is making me hate food...

Asked on August 10, 2016
Created January 28, 2016 at 3:18 AM

I was diagnosed with lichen planopilaris (symptoms of hair loss, thinning, irritated scalp) and am apparently slowly but surely going bald. I have been on a STRICT auto-immune diet for ten weeks now with no signs of improvement and I am feeling serious food-fatigue (is that a thing?). I used to love cooking and eating and making up new recipes. Now eating is a chore and so far it seems to have made me feel worse, not better.

Before going AIP I was mostly vegan, no wheat, no dairy, no eggs. The main grain I ate was long grain white rice. I also ate a lot of well-prepared beans and nightshades. I didn't have any apparent gut issues and physically felt pretty good. Now my gut feels absolutely dreadful all the time. I feel sluggish. I haven't been able to link any specific foods (all AIP, mind) to increases in symptoms, but they are there. My hair loss and scalp inflammation is steady and now I have added gut discomfort (almost like IBS), joint soreness, headaches, etc.

I am working with a naturopath and am supplementing all sorts of things. She wonders if I have allergies to meat. I am not eating any beef, chicken, or pork as it is. When I tried doing a vegan version of AIP I could not keep my blood sugar up. I could stand to lose 10 or so pounds but after an initial two weeks of weight loss I am now holding steady. I am eating a huge amount fo fat and protein and am about 90% ketogenic right now.

I've seen others post about this but I feel like I have to force myself to eat sometimes. I keep my meals regular, my blood sugar steady... but I'm just grossed out. My stomach turns at the thought of eating sometimes - especially when I have to eat meat. I could not keep bone broth down without extreme nausea. I don't know how to do AIP without these animal proteins though.

My naturopath has suggested throwing a ketogenic protein-sparing fast here and there. She wonders if my body is not processing animal protein well and I am getting too much ammonia in my system. Has anyone else had this issue? I've had my stomach acid tested (normal) and have GI tests out (no results yet).

Anyone else have lichen planopilaris or lichen planus? Did you do AIP and when did it start making a difference? 

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on August 10, 2016
at 04:47 AM

Look into gelatin. 

Great Lakes Gelatin has a tasteless odorless colorless powder for putting into drinks. Get the green one. And one more thing, as you heal your gut and add more probiotics and enzymes you will get some die off symptoms from getting rid of the bad and in with the good sort of thing. So give yourself time. Many people on the aip say it took them 3 months to a year or more to heal their gut. 

I hope you've had all your vitamins and minerals and hormones checked? You have a very limited diet and being low on one thing could cause you to feel horrible. It really sounds like you've taken away to much food and haven't figured out how to put that well rounded nutrience back in. 

Ohhh and look intosupplement k2 if you are taking calcium magensium or d. YOu need k2 in order to tell the calium where to go. IF you do not have it, the calium will go to your follicles and other organs. Calcification on the scalp is a big hair thinner.



on August 10, 2016
at 04:35 AM

When you do not eat meat for awhile and then go back to eating meat or animal fats you don't have the correct enzymes anymore to digest it. YOu may just need to take some digestive enzymes before you eat and also include a nice probiotic on an empty stomach. I love primal defense in powder form. It helps me not feel as nauseous. Also gelatin which comes from animals has tons of collagen. You may be lacking in collagen. You can buy it in tasteless clear powder form and put in water or tea. It will help with your hair shafts. Look into those things and I hope they help you. OHH and kefir fruit drinks are wonderful for healing the gut....which is what you need in order to heal your hair problem. God bless you


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