Paleo Psoriasis?

Answered on March 16, 2014
Created March 15, 2014 at 1:49 AM

Hello! Ok, so I've been Paleo hardcore since the 1st week of February 2014. I started in jan and cut out all refined sugar, excess of fruit, and bread. Then in February I gave up lentils, all grain, and all fruit except blackberries & strawberries.

I've felt wonderful, so much energy, what little acne I had has cleared up wonderfully, etc but the only thing I've noticed is I've actually developed (for the first time in my life) a couple of patches on my stomach and arm that my dermatologist identified as "little psoriasis" spots.

Has anybody else ever heard of someone actually developing this from eating paleo?! I thought it was supposed to help autoimmune disorders.

Also, could candita be a cause for this?? I don't think I have it, but after eating a little fruit salad last night I became very bloated. Not sure what's going on.

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4 Answers


on March 16, 2014
at 03:27 PM

thanks for all the help! I really don't think it's psoriasis either now, I think it's probably just candita dying off..hopefully! Gonna keep sticking to paleo & see if it doesn't clear up.



on March 16, 2014
at 12:28 PM

Psoriasis can be triggered by most anything. A healthy, Paleo diet would not normally lead to psoriasis. But certainly a Candida die-off can cause a psoriasis flare. Also if you've suddenly started eating more eggs that could be the problem. The autoimmune protocol of the Paleo diet might be for you. Unless your doctor did a skin biopsy to confirm the diagnosis there is a fair chance you do not have psoriasis.



on March 16, 2014
at 02:09 AM

Some have posited that psoriasis is an auto-immune condition. You could experiment with an auto-immune flavor of paleo.


on March 15, 2014
at 11:11 AM

Yes! Psoriasis is apparently caused by candida. It could be die off of yeast or fungus in your body. Take some anti fungal herbs.

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