Trying to lose weight and gain muscle with autoimmune disease, help me?

Asked on June 02, 2017
Created June 02, 2017 at 5:35 AM

I know this might be an "ask your doctor" sort of question, but I'm looking for outside or multiple perspectives. And honestly, rheumatoid doctors are extensively trained in nutrition.

I have lupus. Mild mostly, but bad flare ups here or there. I adopted a form of paleo a little over a month ago and felt great. But stopped two weeks ago (I have my excuses but really I just wasn't in control) and unfortunately dealing with that on its own. 

(Lifestyle background you can choose to read or not: I work a lot between 3 part time jobs. I have a 15 month old son who breast feeds still with no childcare outside my husband and I. We are in the process of turning our land into a farm and also have a snake breeding project. Between all of this and keeping the house orderly, I get 5-8 hours of sleep.)

Anyways, my question is seeing if anyone can help me with weight loss and muscle building tips. I need lower protein intake because of my kidneys. I focus mostly on fish for my protein source. Basically when sticking to my diet, I eat veggies, fruits, oils, fish, and powdered peanut butter and hummus (I know, I know). Eggs on occasion. I don't have a lot of time for exercise (see note above) so Ive been trying to incorporate it in my farm work or if my kids allows me (running with him in jogging stroller around yard). I want to start Ballet Beautiful since it seems easy on the joints and good calithetics. 

Basically, I want to look like a Victoria secret model build wise. I'm 23, 5'9, 138 pounds (gained 8 of those pounds in last two weeks). I think I build muscle fairly easily, but I prefer cardio. Is it even possible for me to build lean muscle while trying to get down to 125 or less pounds simultaneously, especially while on a lower protein diet? 

I know I just word vomited everywhere. I'm just really sad with the current state of my body and not feeling well and want to do whatever I can to get me in a right place. I felt my best at 120 pounds a few years ago and worked out regularly. I know it's under bmi standards, but I have a tiny frame and it's just what I felt most comfortable at. 


I really dont know what to expect fromposting here. I just want some answers and having a hard time getting them. Thanks for reading. 

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