Is creatine allowed on the paleo autoimmune protocol?

Commented on October 15, 2014
Created October 13, 2014 at 12:01 AM

I feel like a need a little something after the gym ya know?  Since you cut out so much i do not want to lose mass.  Good idea or bad? What's your thoughts?

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3 Answers


on October 14, 2014
at 01:55 PM

Creatine is fine, but follow the correct dose and make sure that you cycle it.


Prolonged use can affect your liver and kidneys



on October 15, 2014
at 11:46 PM

"Prolonged use can affect your liver and kidneys"

I thought that was a myth, do you have any ref/study links i could take a look at. thx. 

 (not sure if the 'myth' was for the liver or kidneys or both)



on October 13, 2014
at 01:29 PM

Couple of things about creatine, take it when you'd take a meal, i.e. after workouts, if you fast, Creatine will keep you in mTOR, undoing the effects of fasting.  You could take it before a workout as well, but if you plan on working out fasted, don't take creatine.


As with most isolated aminos, you shouldn't take it with food, whey or other proteins as the digestion with the other proteins will compete for receptors, so it would be a waste of money.  i.e. if you eat a steak or take whey, consuming BCAAs is wasted since you're getting the same effect from the steak.


If you take a lab test, let your doctor know you're using creatine because it can raise creatinine which can falsely flag you as having kidney issues.


That said, it's really good stuff, provides extra ATP, great for recovery, and it's one of the cheapest, most effective ergogenics out there.


on October 13, 2014
at 12:28 AM

I take creatine daily, but it's use in your diet plan isn't really for post workout recovery. For recovery I would recomend sugar (dextrose, coconut water, fruit), and protein (whey, meat, eggs). Also I realize whey isn't stricly paleo. 

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