AIP is making me disappear

Answered on August 02, 2017
Created July 07, 2017 at 9:10 AM

Hi forum!

I am in my 7th week of paleo AIP and need advice. I am on this train for health reasons. I have rosacea accompanied by diffuse allergy symptoms, ADD plus developed diffuse chronic pain etc. I am 34 year old female, looking ok on the outside but internally I am depressed and exhausted. I hope and believe that AIP will help me to regain health!

BUT, now, seven weeks into my paleo life (which I love) I have started to loose weight.. For some this might sound good but in my case it's not, since I was underweight before I started. I am eating so much - almost dubble my colleagues at work, boyfriend etc and still I feel I am shrinking. Pre paleo I was living on carbs and veg oils for years without gaining weight. I did try AIP once before and the same thing happen then and I gave up because it didn't feel healthy. This time I want to overcome the hinder. My digestion is clearly not working well - have been constipated since I begun this.

Anyone out there with advice? I am getting more and more scared:(

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on August 02, 2017
at 07:01 AM

The same thing happened to my husband. What we have done is add more carbs to his diet - he is currently allowing himself potatoes and rice, but it could also be sweet potatoes, cassava and plantain + more fruit and dried fruit to stay AIP-compliant (he doesn't need AIP - I do). It seems to keep him weight stable. To add more weight he would have to put on more muscle, and he really isn't a weight training kind of guy 


on August 02, 2017
at 04:40 PM

Thanks! I will do that when time is right:) The tricky thing for me is that I am also dealing with Candida so I have huge troubles with carbs in general :(. For now I managed thanks to Almond butter a few times a day. Almond butter is not AIP but for now I am willing to take the risk and see if I can beat Candida first - thinking that the fungi might have something to do with why I have such problems gaining weight.. We´ll see!!

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