Going soap free-adjustment period??

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 13, 2011 at 1:18 AM

I'm a 23 year old male, and I've been hearing a lot about going soap free, and the benefits, so i did just that! I'm doing without soap/shampoo/deoderant/antipersperant and i feel great! My skin is thanking me already (Today makes one whole week), but a lot of people mention a 2-4 week adjustment period.

I have a problem with the armpits (surprised?). My left armpit only gets to a pretty foul level after much activity, like one would expect. My right armpit, however, still smells after a shower, and gets pretty foul without any exertion. It also gets kinda sticky (sorry if anyone has a weak stomach). Will this go away after this adjustment period as my body gets used to not slathering chemicals all over it?

And at that, I have been using apple cider vinegar on my pits, wipe them down with the stuff before a shower, and i come out of the shower fresh as a daisy. Am i doing more harm than good by doing this? Am i prolonging the problem by just putting a patch on it temporarily? And is the vinegar bad for my skin, as in drying it out or any other injurous side effects? PLEASE HELP!!



on December 13, 2011
at 09:02 PM

I just bought some soapnuts. I'm glad to hear they're working well for you!



on December 13, 2011
at 03:07 AM

I'm just flabbergasted that my guy isn't the only one with one extra stinky pit. We actually joke about it. Nothing he does makes a difference with it, so he just doesn't worry about it. The only people who notice it are him and I.

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on December 13, 2011
at 01:47 AM

I'm pretty much soap free but I do use a natural product called "soap nuts." I drop a bag of soap nuts into the washer when I do laundry and I soak the bag in a bow of warm water before washing. I also use soap-nut-water on my hair. To my delight, I no longer have much trouble with excess oil yet my hair isn't drying out as it did with shampoo. Apparently the soap nuts are the fruit of a tropical shrub and are widely used for hygiene and laundry in tropical areas.

I tried the baking soda/coconut oil mix as a deodorant and incurred burns that were severe enough to peel when they healed. I decreased the amount of baking soda so the oil was more dominant and I've been fine since.

Here's a link to a site that has some explanatory info. I don't do the boiling they recommend; I just soak some nuts in warm water as I need it and don't bother trying to keep a lot for future uses.



on December 13, 2011
at 09:02 PM

I just bought some soapnuts. I'm glad to hear they're working well for you!


on December 13, 2011
at 01:26 AM

I did what you're doing for a while last summer. I didn't have any odor problems. I used water and sort of scrubbed under my arms vigorously.

Anyway, where I am now is that I'll use soap every now and then, and I use a crystal stone for deodorant (pictured below).

Interestingly, I was under the weather a couple of weeks ago and I had underarm odor issues. Hadn't had any before then and they've since gone away. For what it's worth.




on December 13, 2011
at 01:35 AM

When my pits get stinky I use baking soda in the shower. Since I wash my hair with baking soda (with a vinegar rinse for conditioner), I often already have some baking soda on my finger tips. It does the trick for me, hopefully it works for you, too.


on July 20, 2012
at 12:44 AM

I tried this no soap no shampoo thing a few weeks ago. I went for a few weeks without either, and I ended up looking pretty dirty after looking extremely clean at first. Things just built up somehow. I was using baking soda all over my body (and hair) and ACV in my hair. My hair got waxy, probably from the heavy metal buildup in the water (according to other websites) and I couldn't brush it, even with a lot of ACV.

I didn't notice any adjustment period in whether or not I smelled. If anything, I smelled better at first than farther down the road. It has also been hotter more lately though. My skin and hair have become less oily and I feel like I have to wash my hair less often. It doesn't get as oily in 3 days of no shampoo compared to very oily in 1 day before the detox with baking soda.

Now I have switched to washing my hair once every 2-3 days with Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 soap/shampoo. It does a great job at cleaning, and its made pretty much of only oils and hemp. If you can find the ingredients on the very busy label.

As for soap, I am switching to a soap made with different oils. I want to use Castile, but I am waiting until the Yardley bar I am using runs out. I hear Castile is made with only olive oil and is the most gentle soap on earth.

In addition, as for armpits, I have found that rubbing baking soda on them followed by a pretty strong vinegar/water mix (rinse with water in between) keeps them relatively smell-free and perspirant-free. I don't smell like deodorant anymore! (except once in a while when its really not working and I've given in because I don't want sticky armpits on the hottest of days).

Hope that helps.

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