Does anyone else feel like they've had their stomach stapled?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 31, 2011 at 10:41 PM

Been eating paleo almost two months and have lost weight, feel and look pretty good if I say so myself. Lately when I eat a meal I'm chugging along and quite suddenly I feel uncomfortably full. It happens fast and most of time I am unable to finish. I never go back for seconds and many times don't even finish firsts. Also, I am NEVER hungry in the morning. I have my one cup of morning coffee with heavy cream but don't feel at all hungry afterward. I usually don't eat anything until lunchtime. Is this common and normal?



on June 01, 2011
at 02:25 PM

are you eating enough fat and protein? vegetables aren't energy dense and thus aren't satiating.



on June 01, 2011
at 12:16 AM

I noticed too. In fact, I can not do a fist sized serving of meat 3 times per day. I've tried and I just end up getting sick, especially when you throw a WOD in there!

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on May 31, 2011
at 11:16 PM

Yes! This is very normal and I commend you for being able to avoid letting tradition force you to eat past satiety and eat meals when you're not actually hungry!

It's very common for people who go paleo to be able to run on less food, not eat as often, not be hungry for breakfast, go many hours without eating, fast for 24+ hours and still be ready for hard exercise, etc.


on June 01, 2011
at 03:28 AM

My husband and I have both experienced a huge decrease in appetite. I have been trying to eat high fat and when I do those are days I eat very little. My husband used to be a huge snacker and eat massive meals but now some nights he comes home from work and he is not even hungry and skips dinner.

When you are feeding your body the real, high quality food it needs it does not need as much!


on June 01, 2011
at 02:15 PM

"Me too". The paleo diet, especially low carb, seems to be a natural appetite suppressant. I can eat one fried egg, or just coffee with some cream, for breakfast and feel full until after 2pm. It's easy to skip meals, a little too easy in fact, over the weekend I went about 4 days with only one square meal, and ended up feeling pretty lousy.

I now make it a point to have a small high-protein meal for either breakfast or lunch, even if I have to force myself to eat it.

This morning I made some great pork sausage (farm raised pork and seasonings from the garden), but after 2 small patties (maybe 4 oz total) was too full to eat any more.

Combine this with a lot more energy and hence more exercise and I feel great.

I lost some weight initially, but curiously haven't lost any after the first 5-8 pounds. I feel great though and my waist size keeps going down, so I am not too worried about the weight at this point.



on June 01, 2011
at 02:11 PM

it is amazing!!

I have always had a rule, 'I dont share food!!' but for the last few months hubby has been eating off my plate without consequence! this is a new change for me!!

I love to eat, the better the food the happier I am but instead of living to eat, I eat to live! (my new rule)



on June 01, 2011
at 09:02 AM

It's all to do with your body adjusting to proper levels of insulin etc. and not overriding the normal hormonal signals (leptin I think) that tells your brain you are full and to stop eating. Robb Wolf's book explains it in detail if you are interested.


on June 01, 2011
at 06:40 PM

Has anyone lost any muscle as a result of eating too little? Is that even a legitimate fear if you're eating enough protein? One of my paleo-centric trainers mentioned that to me as a possibility, but didn't elaborate.


on June 01, 2011
at 05:53 PM

Since eating paleo I'm able to skip meals and only eat when hungry. But when I eat....I EAT! Sometimes my stomach feels bottomless. I don't know specifics but I've seen leptin insensitivity is thrown around a lot here...


on June 01, 2011
at 07:10 AM

so jealous! Paleo has me eating ridiculously large bowls of food to reach satiety (although they are big on vege and moisture - not calories). I think my problem has more to do with the fact mentally that I am eating to make myself feel better / prolong time away from assignments.



on June 01, 2011
at 02:25 PM

are you eating enough fat and protein? vegetables aren't energy dense and thus aren't satiating.

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