Please help me anyone i have been eating healthy over 6 months and worse than ever before!

Commented on December 14, 2015
Created December 11, 2015 at 4:32 PM

This is long so i will apologize in advance. I am a 26 years old male with  have obsessive complusive disorder and general anxiety. All my life i grew up on sugar and carbs but the funny things is to this day i am cut with a 6 pack and i can eat 400 grams of carbs and not gain because i am usually always at or around 2000 calories. My father and uncles are all over weight and eat lots of fats and dont really like carbs but i eat all the carbs and i am the leanest in the family. Here is the issue :( I used to play basketball all my life. I would eat cereal all day and as long as i thougt it was healthy i was eating it. From the time i was 16-20 I at no fat. I mean only chicken, rice, corn, whole wheat cereal and all that crap. I am 26 with oily skin, every joint in my body cracks and snaps, i have back pain, tennis elbow for 2 years, golfers elbow, tmj in my jaw, nerve pain down my leg, my ac1 levels were a 5.7 and this was recently even though i changed my diet over a year ago. I dont eat wheat but i do slip up sometimes and end up eating it. My problem is i eat a lot of sugar even natural. No joke i can eat over 100-150 grams of natural sugar some days then none the next then a whole thing of dates one day or 5 bananas the next. I can no longer play basketball orr run or anything and have seen many rhuemitologist, physical therapist, doctors, and you name it i have seen them. My only exercise is walking and working my abs. I am 5'8 145 I graduated high school 135 lbs and since then gained muscle but feel worse than ever.


This is basically all i eat

-all fruits

-all vegetables

-sweet potatos


-kidney beans



-healthy fats from avacado

-nuts and seeds (chia seeds)

-Pancakes made from eggs and coconut flour with honey or banana


I understand i am not paleo but just looking for advice if anyone can help. If i knoew 100 percent paleo will help me i have no problem doing it. Food means nothing to me but energy.


Here is the issue! everytime i eat healthy my body gets worse and cracks more and it in horrible pain. When i eat like crap my joints actually dont hurt as much and m body dont hurt. I dont get it why soes eating healthy even after the detox stage still mess me up? I started taking turmeric root, organic cinnamon, and great lakes collagen. My skin looks better but dang my body is in so much pain its unreal.


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2 Answers


on December 14, 2015
at 03:11 AM

I would highly recommend you get a food allergy test... Then you can truly determine what foods cause you issues and you can avoid them at all costs. You could always do an elimination diet, but it might be hard for you because you suffer from OCD and I don't want your trying to figure out what works for you to turn into a sickness. 



on December 14, 2015
at 03:53 AM

 Hey I think I voted your answer down on accident lol didn't know what them buttons did but I hit the upvote last :)


on December 14, 2015
at 03:49 AM

Great thank you for the response. Idk what to do though besides that cause my joints are showing signs of degenerative diseases I have bulging discs chronic issues. When I eat lots of fat I just feel worse. I have had a very high sugar diet even with fruit thinking it was OK but now I am cutting fruit to just berries and using pure stevia to sweeten my smoothies. :) and yes with ocd I started to get obsessed with the whole 30and could never complete it. 

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