Considering Paleo for anxiety relief and I am hypothyroid

Asked on December 30, 2016
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Hi Everyone! I am here in search of some anxiety relief, I have heard people mention a paleo diet for anxiety relief before and I am wondering if anyone here has experienced relief from anxiety and panic attacks once switching to paleo? Also I am hypothyroid so not sure if this should effect my transition or not?

A bit of background info on me:

I am 29, was diagnosed hypothyroid at the age of 21, it was found when I had my first panic attack. I went searching for answers and would not believe the attack just came out of nowhere, after many blood tests the hypothroidism was picked up, once I started on my meds (hormones) the anxiety went away.

Through the few years following, every now and then I would feel my anxiety and panic coming on, I would simply go to the drs and get my levels checked and they would always be low. Once my dosage was increased the anxiety would once again leave on its own. I could basically diagnose I needed an increase if I felt the anxiety coming on.

I had my first child (son) in 2013, all was well however I fell pregnant very quickly after this with my second child. My thyroid dosage was increased (as it needs to be in pregnancy) but was increased a little higher than what was needed with my first pregnancy. My daughter was born 1 year and 2 weeks after my son, all was well at first but I started feeling a little anxious. My doctor said my thyroid levels were high (first time ever) and he slowly reduced my dosage. When my daughter was about 10 weeks old I had a very bad panic attack! It lasted for hours and left me almost agoraphobic for several months, this was 2 years ago now. 

Since then I have been living with bad anxiety and constant feelings of "I'm going to have a panic attack" I find it hard to be in any new situation. I can't be anywhere I don't have an immediate escape route. I can't even have friends over because I feel like I can't "escape". I can't bring myself to go back to work or even to go accross the road to my neighbours house for a playdate (she is a good friend of mine who knows about all of my anxiety issues). I am wondering if anyone thinks a paleo diet would be good for me to try? And any recommendations on whether I can jump straight in? Particularly anything I need to be aware of on the hypothyroid side? I am due to have my levels tested although I have been to anxious to go for my test as I can't even que at the bank or supermarket without feeling like I will go into full blown panic and won't be able to breath.

ANY help is greatly appreciated, I am trying anything and everything before taking meds (which I have already been prescribed) I am also on a "cocktail" of natural supplements, without any seeming to really help....

Please help me! I want to live my life and be able to do more with my children (who are now 3 and 2, my son has just been diagnosed with high functioning autism and I am unable to get him the therapies and treatments that would benefit him because of this stupid anxiety).

Also, I do not eat very well :( lots of processed foods, and soft drink. I have cut out coffee and have just started on gluten free about 2 weeks ago... I really want to commit to changing things. I am currently over weight and do very little exercise. I am Australian.


Thank you to anyone in advance who has some helpful guidance or advice for me.

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