Anxiety about eating on my own while in college?

Asked on August 28, 2015
Created August 28, 2015 at 3:05 PM

All of a sudden, school is starting in less than a week and I wake up everyday with anxiety about what I'm going to eat and how. I live at home thankfully, but all summer my boyfriend and I ate paleo, and we had the time to cooka dn grill. But lately i've been so busy and I forget how to eat or what to eat. I need a regimine about what I'm going to eat for the week and go get the ingredients at the store on a set day and then cook when I get home from school. I'm a medical lab major and it literally eat up all my time. I barely have time to clean my guinea pig cages and see my boyfriend. But what am I to eat? 


I'm about to start a pinterest and add recipes to it. I just I feel like I under eat. Am I supposed to make potatoes a staple and eat them everyday of my life in order to get my calories. 

Canned tuna tastes gross, but I eat it when I can I take my supplements fo omega 3, Vit D, and A. I just have anxiety about what I'm going to eat and lately paleo has been so boring tasting and time consuming that I have no appetite for anything and it makes me sad. I don't wanna think about food?

How do you guys do it with a busy life? Is baked chicken a go to? I feel like fruit and veggies are very expensive and hard to get all caloric needs and make it taste good.


I don't believe in nuts and nut butters cause of all the phytic acid stuff which actually has me paranoid....but then spinach has phytic acid too, which is nuts. How am I supposed to be paleo and get my caloric needs? Do I just put olive oil and coconut oil in and on everything, doesnt feel right to me. I want more carbs and variety but don't know what to eat. Sigh. Help? Please?

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