Help my gut during prolonged antibiotic use in pregnancy, need alternatives

Asked on January 08, 2016
Created January 08, 2016 at 6:14 AM

I am 24 weeks pregnant with a kidney/ pelvic and upper urinary tract infection. I first tried to cure it with grapefruitseed extract, but it is so aggressive it went from slight symptoms to fever and chills as well as agonyzing pain in a few hours. 

When I was 14 weeks pregnant it was treated with Penicillin which cleared the infection after 5 days. This time Penicillin was not strong enough to even do much so I was put on Cefuroxim. Surprisingly my digestion did not act up until now. I have been taking probiotics and prebiotics, eat fermented foods etc. No Candida issue as of yet either...I suffered from chronic Candida for years prior.

I am already very thin, but did gain well in pregnancy..just now I am starting to lose weight with the digestive issues. Sadly after 7 days on Cefuroxim the infection came right back when I quit. I think it may just need a long time since it was still improving every day. 

All this is caused by kidney congestion by the way. The baby is pressing on my right kidney and there does not seem to be enough room atm. So this may be a permanent problem. I have read on women that were on antibiotics for the rest of their pregnancy! But my gut will never survive this! Atm it seems no food agress with me but especially meat and eggs bring on stomach cramps.

I have read about natural alternatives like D Mannose or Colloidal Silver but if I will have to take it for the rest of my pregnancy that will become unaffordable. 

Does anyone know of any other alternative? Sadly I only have the choice between antibiotics or preterm labor and kidney failure with blood sepsis at the moment. I usually avoid antibiotics like the plague.


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