GAPS Anyone? Antibiotics? What are your thoughts?

Asked on September 13, 2013
Created September 13, 2013 at 5:25 PM

Gaps hasn't been seriously brought up in this forum for a year or more based on my quick search...

GAPS seems to be aimed very sharply at some highly specific issues, yet the idea sounds like it could help many others, which is why so many are drawn to it. Before I get all heavy and buy the book, I wanted to get some critical feedback from you PaleoHackers.

For me, I've struggled with indigestion and chronic constipation for many years. I've also had ADHD all my life and occasional fatigue which I always figured (and still do) is actually normal within reason. Paleo eating has been a real boon and I feel better than ever. My digestion is improved and I'm finally feeling like I could get off the ADHD meds, but I feel there's still room for improvement.

I'm just coming off yet another course of antibiotics (prescribed after oral surgery) and I'm considering GAPS. It sounds like a lot more work than PHD/Paleo, but as a short-term treatment with potential long-term benefits, is it something I should waste a year or more of my life pursuing?

Should I just adapt Paleo to be lower in fiber and higher in probiotics for a few months/year instead?


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