10th century medieval recipe astonishes scientists by destroying resistant bacteria and biofilms...copper?

Answered on April 01, 2015
Created March 30, 2015 at 9:14 PM


This remedy is for an eye infection, but after astonishingly good results, I realize that this combination is totally drinkable - just garlic, onion, wine, and ox bile salts. The thing that I worry about is putting it in a copper container for 9 days (which the scientists found was necessary...copper does fight bacteria and they think it was part of the potent combination). The only thing I wonder is would this cause a copper toxicity if ingested? Thanks for any ideas!

I'm currently searching for powerful antibiotics to destroy the Klebsiella pneumonia bacteria that may be behind my severe case of Ankylosing Spondylitis.??

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on April 01, 2015
at 10:13 PM

Copper is an essential element, but a rather toxic one. So not a surprising result. Don't expect a miracle (or anything really.)



on April 01, 2015
at 02:09 PM

Would it work to substitute the copper with liver? Perhaps eaten two meals in a row. It is fairly easy to explain. Wine will weaken the film by removing Ca++ and Mg++, the rest of the recipe are just antibiotic compounds. Garlic and onions are also quorum sensing inhibitors.



on April 01, 2015
at 06:55 AM

I have read that the highly polished copper or bronze handles on doors ??and stair handrails in Victorian hospitals did as good a job at killing bacteria and viruses as the ubiquitous sani sprays they ask you to use now that all of the metal is stainless steel!

Re the mediaeval onion / garlic / wine and ox bile - why not just mix that and drink it forgetting about the copper - wasn't the copper version used externally, against styes on the eyelid? You could always rub bits of copper between your hands to get the effect of that without ingesting it...



on April 01, 2015
at 12:16 PM

Scientists found when they didn't store the mixture in copper, it just didn't have the magical level of antibiotic effect.

Sounds like the mixture is safe externally, but I'm really curious about if it could be used as a high power, safer antibiotic for those of us suffering from things like C.Diff. or resistant strains like Klebsiella.

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