Really important - healing gut bacteria after artificial sweeteners?

Answered on May 29, 2017
Created May 04, 2017 at 9:05 PM

So I've been paleo for a long time, but in the last 1,5 years, I kinda went on a weight loss frenzy, lost about 50 lbs, but also, did a lot of wrong things - alot of undereating and starving and 'filling up' with caffeine, nicotine and mostly, artificial sweeteners. I recently bought 'flavdrops' - sweeteners that have a taste like caramel, white chocolate, strawberry etc. and I have like 12 bottles of them and they are like magic and turn everything into an awesome dessert.

However, the bad side: I have had alot of binge episodes in those 1,5 years, where I eat until I'm almost throwing up and something in my brain still wants more and more and more. Maybe it's some kind of refeeding phase because of the starving because I lost it quite fast (it's about a third of my bodyweight), or maybe it's because of me consuming all those fake and stupid things to trick my body. Or both.

Yesterday and today, I binged again big time and I feel so bad, I wish I could go back to good old paleo, even if I'll be still calorie counting which I feel best with at the moment, but I'm willing to up my calories every few weeks a little (right now I'm eating 900 a day which is very little, I know, but it's much more than a few weeks ago already) a just eat real food again even if it's higher calories because I'm so afraid the binges and the extreme hunger won't ever stop. I researched about artificial sweeteners, especially sucralose and how it's supposed to alter your gut bacteria and make you more glucose sensitive and fatter over time (are those studies still valid? Not sure if I should trust them).

So I have some questions: If I want a clean start, I'm willing to throw away all those fancy bottles of flavdrops and maybe even the stevia (is that bad too?) - but in the studies they did, the effects on the altered gut bacteria was only healed after the mice/people got some antibiotica to 'rebuild' the bacteria, it doesn't seem to heal itself. I don't know how to get antibiotics, so is there even a point in giving up the stuff if my gut bacteria stays the same anyways?

What do you guys think?

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on May 29, 2017
at 02:29 PM

I have used a lot of probiotics, it was a long effort but ultimately successful. i don't think anything happens until you dislodge your bio-film and heal the gut. i credit natto and bone broth for that. of the probiotic i tried (yogurt, krauts, root krauts, fermented chutneys, kvass, olives, pickles, acv, kefir, preserved lemons) the last two i think were the most effective.


on May 29, 2017
at 08:13 AM

Hi there I'm worried about this too. I have just ordered a strong probiotic. Hoping that would help. I think artificial sweeteners are really bad for you. (Just my opinion after research). But stevia in ok amounts is fine.

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