Non Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

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Being a student of pharmacy I have started prepared for assignments. One of the allocated class assignments includes Non Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. I would like to have as much as possible information on this topic. What are Non Steroidal ant-inflammatory drugs? What are its functions? What are its benefits? Why are they used? Examples of these drugs etc.



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on March 25, 2014
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Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs abbreviated as (NSAIMs) are used in acute conditions of pain and inflammation. These drugs decrease the inflammation such as found in arthritis. The term Non-steroidal differentiates these drugs form steroids and are also used as non-addictive alternative to narcotics.

Following are some of the functions of (NSAIMs):

These drugs blocks COX-2 in the central nervous system for treating the pain.

They are used for reducing fever, swelling and redness.

The most prominent members of this group of drugs include aspirin, ibufprofen, Ketorolac ophthalmic and naproxen

For getting more detail information regarding side effects, precautionary methods and type of doses you can search for the above mentioned drugs

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