Ranking of most nutrient dense meats and animal products

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 13, 2013 at 8:07 PM

The title kind of says it all



on August 13, 2013
at 10:29 PM

Wild salmon would be my number 1

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5 Answers



on August 13, 2013
at 08:12 PM

grass fed liver is the pound for pound champion of nutrition



on August 14, 2013
at 01:37 AM

Get a good mix. Beef is great for iron and zinc, B vitamins (except B1). Beef liver for copper. Seafood has minerals, some vitamin D, some B vitamins. Pork, folks need to eat pork! Pork has B1 which you're likely otherwise deficient in on a paleo diet. Eggs, lots of good stuff there, some vitamin E too. Those 3 meats and eggs are the core of my diet. I don't eat much chicken or other poultry.



on August 14, 2013
at 02:18 AM

I have been thinking about asking the butcher for whole cow ground meat this Fall (we buy a whole grass fed cow with 3 other families). Basically, heart, tongue, liver, spleen, and kidneys mixed in the regular ground meat. So as to get a little copper every day. In regard to thiamin, you have to wonder if the RDA is not too high. It would not be the first time, Ca RDA is 1200 mg, when whole populations intaking about 400 mg have zero ostheoporosis. Pork has thiamin because pigs eat grains after all.



on August 14, 2013
at 12:11 PM

nothing tops oysters for nutrient density when you have a human brain.



on August 13, 2013
at 08:26 PM

The problem with liver is that is such a macro-dose of copper. IIRC, copper and zinc have to be close to a certain ratio, and that is best obtained by mixing regular (beef) meat with liver. Then you need the fats which liver does not have, so that you have to eat some tallow to have the whole spectrum of animal nutrients. In short, you have to eat the whole animal. Other than that I agree. All ruminants rank very closely in nutritional content, that is goat=sheep=beef, pound for pound and cut for cut.

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