Carb intake?

Commented on November 25, 2014
Created November 22, 2014 at 8:00 PM

36 y/o male

204 pounds 5'11''

I am about 23 pounds over weight. Recent ACL surgery, in phase 4 - so I am moving around easily. 

Worried about carb intake - sitting at 40-50 grams per day and I feel ok. No real lag, except later in the afternoon/early evening. 

Thank you. 

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on November 24, 2014
at 02:04 PM

I am 6'0" about 220# so maybe similar build.  I am careful about carbs unless I'm working out a lot. If you are just recovering from ACL surgery you are probably not fully mobile yet but I would definitely try to get some good exercise, something strength-based, and eat most of your carbs after workouts.

If I go super low carb for a long time (more than 2-3 months) that is not good for me, I start to get run down, my digestion suffers and I have constant cravings.  But if I have too many carbs without enough exercise I quickly gain weight and have energy peaks and troughs and again my digestion suffers.  The only thing I've found that works for me is serious workouts 3-4x per week and moderate carbs.

Good luck!

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on November 25, 2014
at 11:53 AM

The carbs have to trade off against exercise or I gain immediately too.

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