i would like to know about ketosis

Commented on September 14, 2011
Created September 14, 2011 at 2:48 AM

im doing ketosis. how ofter do i need to eat? is it every 2hrs or 3?



on September 14, 2011
at 04:17 AM

Why are you trying to go into ketosis?

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3 Answers



on September 14, 2011
at 03:57 AM

Yeah, when I went in to ketosis, I ate whenever I was hungry, but did not eat until full. I just ate until I wasn't hungry. But I stopped ketosis a few weeks ago, because I started eating more carbs out of stress. Now I'm back on strict paleo, trying to get back into ketosis again.

Good luck with your ketosis, pumba, and remember to listen to your body! :)


on September 14, 2011
at 03:52 AM

I think it's of less importance how often you eat - but of more importance what you eat. If you're eating VLC you should get into ketosis whether you eat once or three times a day.

I can't see any benefit to eating as frequently as every 2-3 hours though, and if you eat enough fat and protein, you should be satiated enough not to need to eat for several hours.

If you feel hungry 2-3 hours after eating that probably means you need to up the fat.



on September 14, 2011
at 03:47 AM

Eat as often as you feel hungry. Just don't go over a certain amount of carbs or more than the amount of calories you burn.

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