Need help.... amenorrhea, vitamin D, and sleep issues

Answered on August 01, 2018
Created December 24, 2016 at 1:52 AM

okay this is going to be lengthy.

i am 19 years old (nearly 20) and started paleo almost a year ago. before paleo i was a distance runner recovering from disordered eating. in january i totally changed my way of eating and in march i started doing crossfit style of things. i had lost my menstrual cycle for awhile as a runner but i got it back in march, probably from quitting distance running and eating red meat and saturated fats again.

i had a consistent period until september when i started my second year of college and haven't had it since. i am under a lot of stress during the school year. i ended up losing ~6-7 pounds unintentionally but im not at an "unhealthy" bodyweight (5'3.5 and ~125 pounds ~21% bodyfat). i lift 5 days a week and get in a lot of walking on campus but i don't do lots of actual cardio. probably 2-3 10 minute sessions (metcon style or sprinting) per week. i eat >200g carbs per day (2 days of the week i hit 300. lots of sweet potatoes, white rice, potatoes, and bananas) and at least 70g of fat (mostly sardines, grassfed beef, coconut products, almond butter, sometimes egg yolks) per day. anywhere from 2000-2400 kcal per day. definitely not starving myself.

sorry for the long explanation... with no period i am also starting to experience some intervals where i have a bit more acne than usual. my pediatrician prescribed me birth control but i really would much rather restore my menstrual cycle naturally. some nights of the week i fall asleep all right but sometimes i have a lot of difficulty falling asleep... i think this is adding more unnecessary stress. would magnesium glycinate be helpful?

my vitamin d levels are also low. over the summer i was tested and scored 21. started supplementing with 3000 iu per day and got retested a few days ago... im only at 22?!?!?! my doctor thinks that paleo is too strict and thinks i should consume things like store-bought almond milk fortified with vitamin d to raise levels instead. i eat tons of sardines, salmon, and cruciferous vegetables... im wondering if something else is going on???

i asked my doctor if it might be something hormonal but she dismissed that as an issue. should i go somewhere else and get adrenals tested or something?

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on August 01, 2018
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Try to follow as your doctor say, or change the the and cross check with 2nd doctor, other doctor also prescribe you same soltion then you have to stick to one of the solution from both the doctors.

 To be frank i don't have much idea about this but i can only suggest to consult more few doctor and proper specialised one until you don't get comfortable. Thankyou. 


on December 26, 2016
at 11:14 PM


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