Menopause or Amenorrhea? Improvement or symptom?

Answered on February 16, 2014
Created February 16, 2014 at 1:57 AM

I am a 49 year old woman with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I've been on and off various forms of paleo for about a year and a half, and thought I'd just had a very easy menopause a couple of years ago, periods basically stopped.

About a year and a half ago, I was seeing an acupuncturist who told me that as I got healthier, my periods would return. After working with her for a couple of months, and beginning the paleo diet, I did get a period, but only one. She was very happy about this, considering it a sign of returning health; me, not so much. I LIKE being post-menstrual!

Fast forward a year or more. I'd been off my diet for a while, gotten a lot sicker, more stress, etc. A couple of months ago, food allergies and a lot of other stuff caught up with me, and I returned to the paleo diet with great dedication.

Now I'm eating very low starch, no nightshades, no grains, no dairy, lots of broth, vegetables, some fruit, organ meats and muscle meat, almost AIP. Nearly everything else makes me itch.

Over the last couple of days, I've had all the symptoms of an impending period, breast tenderness, low backache, cramping, and today, some spotting. What the hell??

My quesiton is, has anyone else experienced such a reversal of menopause? Or should I believe Google and run to my doctor to check for cancer/ endometriosis and all the other dreary things it could be? Or could it be just a perfectly reasonable sputter of the ol' baby machinery? Thanks!

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on February 16, 2014
at 06:56 AM

Hi 57 here and post menopausal. I have had exactly the same experience although I wasn't eating paleo then but I have almost always eaten a mostly healthy diet had no special illness but my period stopped for almost a year then appeared again once or twice then off again for a long time then I had as you say all the symptoms and some spotting for a couple of months and it just disappeared again that was maybe 2 years ago so I assume its all gone now.


on February 16, 2014
at 07:25 AM

Thankyou, very helpful.

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