Whacked and home young motions for your cautions

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Whacked and home young motions for your cautions Mac cheese welcome I was your she Schaumburg 0 Sean Simmons had been involved with mistress up the president %uh the hell's angels of our chapter she disrespected an angel Smith wastryna score some points with other angels sold he decided he should be murdered of John Simmons mistake was sleeping with the wrong woman and this bombshell has the cops salivate what police thought was a routine murder investigation is actually a Hells Angels it John Salmons made a fatal mistake he slap with the mistress have Halifax Hells Angels president Mike McCray according to Paul Dare who just signed an immunity agreement with the cops it was Hells Angel Neil Smith who ordered Maxman Power way James and airy to kill Sean Simmons from your Commission from call which were meant tube Michael korus progression Tripura turmoil in meetings afterwards Michael korus Wareham murder took place well I'm sure member during when talking you'll me wrong motions for your conscience American cheese welcome manager to murder dreams from scrimmage you whom home she shalom for all intents purposes it was a contract nothing signed but I want you to kill 'me to me that's a Hells Angels contravene more and 100 plans to open they hit went down like this morning recruit steeper road to find Sean Simmons not difficult considering they both share a weakness for crack cocaine and we must for pushing you need for Joe mute point of officers you for looking mats from Brigham and on October 3rd the hunt is about to deliver well working in the Union Jack Wayne takes a call from Steve pert telling him Sean Simmons is at home it's time we walked in the house crop go to come put on work serve orange can barter with a gun points there she was cool water will turn over them dairy is terrified and yet he and Tina can???t back out now drove for crushing conference bridge so you're I don't wanna rumored to be futures for cover reef %um guys it would be very quickly for arms around Maxman Power our route the game pick upwayne's little cousin Dino Kelsey she was training under way which used to be more fun which one waymoosh Turner muscle and cure for you do you know which kind of an open commons you do more for him including killed John Simmons is about to pay the price for sleeping with the Hells Angel mistress to shave versions for his motionarticular so the water and Moby rang.


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