plastic water bottle alternatives

Answered on January 02, 2014
Created January 02, 2014 at 12:05 PM


ive heard that plastic water bottles highers estogen en are toxic.

does anyone have an alternative for plastic bottles that i can carry with me to school and work.

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on January 02, 2014
at 10:34 PM

It seems that there's a split of opinion about whether plastics are really all that bad or not, but here's my take on it: They are finding traces of these plastics in our blood streams, our urine, our breast milk. Benign or not, it does NOT belong there. So for me, plastics are OUT.

Aluminum and stainless steel bottles are fine. The prices are crazy. But whole foods carries a brand of bottled water that comes in an aluminum bottle with a carbiner top, just like the $15 ones. So buy a bottle, drink the free water, and have the bottle to refill from then on. I really like the glass bottles with the silicone outer covers, too, but they are too heavy to carry around all the time.



on January 02, 2014
at 04:08 PM

On one hand, there's little data out there on the real effects of plastisizers and their endocrine activities. On the other hand, biology acts in very subtle ways at extremely low concentrations. Minimizing plastics is probably a good idea, but not going too bonkers over it when there are more important details to dial in is probably an even better idea.

If you're just hauling cool water, plastics are probably fine. If you start transporting acidic or high temperature liquids, materials can become important. Glass is best. Plastic-coated glass would probably be good, glass on the inside for contact with liquids, plastic on the outside for durability.



on January 02, 2014
at 12:30 PM

I bought a couple of Klean Kanteens for this very reason. Apparently some metal water bottles come with plastic linings, which likely contain estrogen-like compounds.

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