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Answered on September 12, 2014
Created August 03, 2012 at 11:34 AM

Hello All I have been "working" this new lifestyle for a few weeks now, and truly loving it. With that I have a dear friend who would like to give it a try. A lot of the recipes I have seen and tried call for Almond Meal / flour. My friend is allergic to almonds... suggestions ?

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on August 03, 2012
at 11:48 AM

For comparable cooking quality/times/textures, coconut is likely to be your best bet.

Here's a definitive list:


And for a counter-argument to any of those, this is worth a read: http://www.theprimalist.com/paleo-baking-oxymoron/


on August 03, 2012
at 12:25 PM

I'm allergic to almonds, and though it prevents me from making some treats, I don't really feel as though I'm missing out (especially in light of the high O6 content of almonds!) I have played around a bit with Hazelnut flour and coconut flour, but I find that neither truly replicates wheat flour-- not necessarily a bad thing ;)

For sweet treats: I make 'ice cream' out of frozen bananas and berries-- or eat dates, dark chocolate, berries, etc.

For savory treats: I make chips out of sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, zucchini, etc

For a bread-like product, I make either Brazilian Cheese Bread (which uses Cassava flour) or this recipe: www.livefabuLESS.com/quickbread (Note: Both recipes use dairy)

Other than that I tend to stick to whole foods... Paleo baking (at least for me) tends to be a trigger for me to want more treats and less 'real' food, so my almond allergy just might be a blessing in disguise ;)

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