Did paleo help you regrow hair?

Answered on March 26, 2019
Created June 21, 2014 at 2:48 AM

I have PCOS and female alopecia. Has paleo helped anyone regrow their hair? Any tips/advice would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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12 Answers


on March 26, 2019
at 07:01 AM

To regain loss hair you need to consult hair specialist doctor (Dermatologist). Diet plan can only help to make your present hair strong and healthy. GO for natural treatment as per expert advice instead of self treating decision.


on May 28, 2018
at 09:08 AM

I don't think so that diet or essential oils can regrow your hair but they can make your existing hair much better and healthier. I would recommend you to use coconut oil, both internally & topically, and castor oil topically.


on March 19, 2018
at 12:34 PM

Try natural things like massaging hair with oil without any side effects.


on December 12, 2018
at 06:55 AM

Get your daily recommended dosage of omega-3 fatty acids.

Get plenty of zinc. Zinc aids in the fusion of hair keratin, and it's collective to have a deficiency. A zinc shortage can also lead to hypothyroidism, which is another root of hair loss

 Take iron supplements if you have anaemia. Anaemia, which is a disorder in which your blood has too few red blood cells, is a common cause for hair loss. Taking iron supplements can benefit to cure anemia, getting life back to weakening hair follicles.


on October 15, 2018
at 02:32 PM

Honestly speaking I don't think paleo would be too beneficial to grow your hair again.if you want to grow your hairs fast then you should do a warm oil scalp massage and should continuously using coconut oil.In short be stick to natural formulae.Even a well-known singer Zayn Malik grew his hairs very fast by the natural techniques.


on July 30, 2017
at 06:14 PM


i just came across this thread. I'm a 30 year old female that was diagnosed with alopecia areata (random circular patches of hair loss that can occur anywhere on the body overnight) when I was in my teens. As a teenager I managed it with steroidal scalp injections but I always struggled with flares even if the injections seemed to work (Rogaine and other creams never seemed to work for me). As soon as I went paleo cold turkey several years ago, I sent the disease into remission. It's important to know that I used a traditional paleo diet, low inflammatory and not laden with paleo-ified treats and snacks. I ate lots of healthy meats and vegetables, a little fruit and a moderate amount of healthy fat. I haven't struggled with hair loss since and have noticed my hair is actually stronger and more shiny now. I also get told that I have a lot more hair than I used to by my hairdresser and my nails are very shiny and strong whereas they broke easily before. I hope this helps you or anyone else who reads this. Nothing beats a healthy anti-inflammatory diet full of nutrients and vitamins. I also reduced my workouts to quick 15 minute workouts and focused on stress and sleep. But those things fell into place easier once I had adopted a good diet.


on June 24, 2014
at 05:51 AM

Elevated amounts of hormones like androgen or testosterone and DHT in ladies with PCOS causes hair loss.

Sound PCOS lifestyle can help you a lot for this situation which incorporates Proper PCOS Exercise, vitamin and mineral supplementation, rest and so on.

1. Green Veggies alongside adjusted carbohydrates and proteins and healthy fats are key component in PCOS

2. Day by day hair mind routine likewise helps a great deal in such case. Excessively might hair items; particularly those holding sulfate and alcohol strip your hair of vital oils to keep sound and regrow hair appropriately. The recurrence of hair washing can likewise strip the hair of crucial oils.

3. Biotin has long been known to aid with hair development. 7-9 mg every day is suggested

4. Spearmint tea diminishes testosterone and offsets different hormones. 16 oz every day is the prescribed day-by-day dose.Jojoba oil is an extraordinary food to enhance hair quality, stop balding and even regrow hair. Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from Hormonal supplementation. Numerous ladies with PCOS have hypothyroid issue Get it checked

5. A legitimate PCOS eating methodology is your essential asset for vitamins, minerals and supplements


on June 23, 2014
at 04:57 PM

When I was eating carb based diet (did not fear fat, but eated more carbs). I have struggled with several hairloss. I did not undertake calories. Then I went low carb (sometimes I eat more carbs cause I workout) and the hairloss stopped. I think that is because of I have a lot of vitamins soluble in fat (A,D,E,K) in my diet. My fat intake is more from animal fat. And for axample when I cut my finger or wound myself I heal much faster. I think that is because of vitamin K. In sumarry I think that when you have plenty of vitamin soluble in fat your derivatives of skin are much better. That's how it works for me. I hope this helps you.

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on June 23, 2014
at 09:39 AM

I'd recommend coconut oil, both internally & topically, and castor oil topically. I'm a male and don't have hair loss but I notice those two things make my hair grow annoyingly fast when I use them! Cooking with coconut milk rather than oil also has the same effect.



on June 23, 2014
at 09:07 AM

Many essential oils are used for that, such as thyme. I don't think diet or essential oils can regrow hair but they can make your existing hair better and healthier.


on June 23, 2014
at 12:53 AM

Is there hair loss in males in your family? (PCOS results in hormonal imbalance that may cause hair loss in females normally seen mainly in males.)

If so, perhaps you could try a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor (finasteride, dutasteride)? It might also help with your PCOS symptoms. However, they are teratogenic, so you should use birth control or not use them if you intend to get pregnant. (Consult your doctor...)


on June 22, 2014
at 11:19 PM

Have you considered the Autoimmune Protocol? I've read about people doing this and having good results controlling PCOS and alopecia. Also consider the effects of any hormonal substances that may be making their way into your body. My hair slowly thinned out by about 40% after years on the Mirena IUD, but after I had it removed I started seeing re-growth in about 4 months. Also flaxseed oil is a potent source of phytoestrogens, so if you're using that regularly, consider removing it from your diet for a while to see if things improve. Best of luck!

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