Substitutions for Food Allergies?

Answered on August 26, 2013
Created May 31, 2013 at 1:07 AM

I have a fairly simple recipe for "meatloaf muffins" that call for egg and almond meal, both of which my daughter cannot have (I need to stay away from gluten and coconut too).

I was wondering about the substitutions: if the only other ingredients are herbs and onion, do I really need the egg and almond meal? If so, then I plan to substitute the egg with flax....Could I use a potato starch or white rice flour to substitute the almond meal? (I'm not uber strict paleo with her, so I'm open to most any substitution that can help a three-year-old say, "yum!")

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on August 26, 2013
at 11:47 AM

I've started to grind my own cashew "flour" as we are trying to avoid almonds too. And I'm finding that chia egg is way better than flax egg for a replacer. I bought a grinder just for chia seeds. Its working really well in baked goods.



on June 29, 2013
at 01:20 PM

I never use binders, either. Sometimes though, when I want an "airy" meatloaf/meatball, I add some grated veggie to the mix (usually zucchini). It doesn't change the taste at all, but it does help stretch the meat and, like I said, produce a less-dense meat "thing" :p



on May 31, 2013
at 02:52 AM

I never use binders in regular meatloaf so im sure you would be fine using just meat and veggies in muffin tins.



on May 31, 2013
at 02:26 AM

Maybe you can try subbing the almond flour with hazelnut meal and sub the egg for a 'flax egg' (Though I'm not sure if you meant a tree nut allergy or just almond allergy, and hazelnut meal isn't available everywhere)


on May 31, 2013
at 01:21 AM

In this case, both are likely just binders, to hold the muffins together. You could do without them, but you will have to work the ground meat very well to get it to hold together. Put little bits at a time in a bowl and knead it very thoroughly.

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